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Went to fund raising meeting yesterday ( for our local charity ) I started having the usual communication problems whilst talking to the Alzheimer Association rep.

I explained that I was a TBI survivor and the rep explained that in the UK generally we all have a 1 in 3 chance of getting Alzheimers; as I was a TBI survivor the odds of getting the disability was much shorter

possibly odds on

Frightening isn't it

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  • Hi Dillm2

    Have been given this advice by an Alzheimers worker before( in a nice cheery manner I may add). Oh what splendid news I replied with much sarcasm. I then asked how I would know of the onset. Her answer was possible short term memory or forgetfullness.

    I then explained due to my bi I suffered short term memory loss and fordetfulness. She looked at me blankly and just said " oh dear"

    left me wondering ...does thst mean I will not therefore actually suffer from Alzheimers or at least not notice the difference.

    Its only talking with other charitable organisations that you realise how little others are aware of bi impacts on peoples lives. Oh and to mske it worse the woman from the Alzheimers organisation was about to give a talk at our local headway. She admitted later that she felt she had learnt more from us than we probably had from her.

  • Sadly Its one of those things that we have a increased risk of, including epilepsy. But it's a fair list if one wants to look.

    But to be honest brain Injouries are very serious so it's not surprising really.

  • Is there an increased risk? Almost certainly. Are here any 'proper' published, peer-reviewed medical studies which show the increase is anything like the scary loose figures sometimes bandied around? Categorically, no. Increase in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's figures are so minor that pretty well all studies show any increased incidence is so slight that they invariably use words like 'possible', 'marginal', 'suggestion' etc. Sounds like the doubtless well-intentioned charity worker has been given some Daily Mail grade unsubstantiated 'info'. The Alzheimer's bunch need to review their stance IMO.

    I have no medical background, but had a thorough trawl through available studies following my TBI and found that reassuring following my initial unease after reading some vague article. Don't panic, Mr Mainwaring...

  • This person presumably, is not a Neurologist? I say this as an ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) survivor having suffered 2 strokes which impacted on both sides of my brain. No history of stroke in the family. I have cognitive problems (attention and concentration; memory; information processing; and planning and organising). My mother has Parkinson's and thankfully does not have dementia yet, as unfortunately as this disease, which I hate call it, progresses can occur. I asked my mother's consultant who also has an MBE for her services in this field if I could get Parkinson's due to my ABI and she has said no. I asked my own consultant the same question and he has said no too. Nobody knows 100% why somebody gets these conditions. It's 6 years and no-one can tell me why I had my stroke. My dad is the one of 6 brothers and is the only brother who doesn't have diabetes at grand old age of 80. They have done genetic testing on him and guess what they could not find a difference. Sometimes it's the luck of the draw. Don't dwell on it. Have a healthy lifestyle, exercise your body and have some fun 😄

  • Yes that is rather worrying. i have seen the effects of Alzheimers first-hand and it s a truly awful illness. I guess all we can do is not think too much about tomorrow. None of us know how long we have got after all. So we need to make the most of life while we have it

  • Oh hell. That's one more thing to worry about!

  • Hi Dilm,

    Avoid using alluminium, aerosols/deodorants contain alluminium which can lead to alzheimers. I do not use deodorants anymore, I use the roll on deodorants or even a natural spray deodorant.

    There would be no 1 in 3 chance of getting alzheimers if people gave up using deodorants containing alluminium.

    It is also the alluminium in the deodorants that can give you breast cancer too.

    Take care,


  • I haven't used aerosol or roll on deodorants for about five or six years now.......and I smell lovely!

    No in all seriousness, the deodorant you should look for, which contains NO aluminium, or any of the other chemicals they stick in there, is called 'PITROK', you can get it in stick form, OR a little pump action spray bottle.

    This is fragrance free, and can only be a good thing for your underarms...

  • I used to use Sure for men deodorant cos I liked the fact that they kept you dryer for longer.

    You could also use antiperspirants but I hated the white powder that came out as well.

    Back to Sure, I bought a whole batch of em that would most probably last me months but then I found out about the alluminium content and what it can do.

    So I gave them to my Dad in the end :).

    I know I would then be giving him oppertunities to get alzheimers but he doesn't believe in all these bad chemicals that are in foods and body care products, he thinks of it as a load of crap.

    Oh well, when he gets alzheimers, don't say I didn't warn you :).

  • Get some PITROK Matt, Boots sell it and 'some' supermarkets but not all, Boots is your best bet, the stick is about £4 I think but will last you at least 12 months, and the pump spray on is a little bit cheaper, and depending how much you use it can last 6 months or more.

  • This PITROK sounds pretty good, I might have to try it out.

    Although the name does remind me of the place where The Flintstones live haha, Bedrock :).

  • My real question to the alzheimers and dementia debate would not be what arev the increase risks ( how they work it out is beyond me) but they say early detection is key to treatment. Given the impacts of most bi how would we know the difference. Both societies sau look out for poor memory and abscent becoming abscent mindness. Eeerrrrr already got that thanks so what do I look for then. Think I'll just keep going and deal with whatever comes along. Try and live a healthy life along the way . As the song says " I get knocked down ( or should be fall) and I get up again". By the way starting to feel better after the weekend , and its only took a week.

  • I may be burying my head! in the sand, (No joke intended!) but nearly 7 years, post TBI I am still IMHO making progress, cognitively and physically, though it has slowed up, and until, as Bards says, we get some irrefutable, peer reviewed evidence, I will remain sceptical. If true there is nothing I can do about it, other than avoid triggers as Matt 2584 says! so I will carry on in my typical stubborn (bone-headed! ;) ) manner, exceeding predicted expectations.

  • I ought to have asked where the person got the information from

    That said my Gp told me there is an increased risk of getting the illness

  • Hi dillm,

    The three things I take from research into alzheimers are:

    1/ Remove fluoride from toothpaste, drink filtered water from tap (some authorities put it in the water). Flouride and mercury have been found as a plaque on the pineal gland in post mortem. Affects the body's thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock (melatonin production). Eat plenty of CURCUMIN which extracts neurotoxicity from the body. Avoid cooking or stored food or eating from aluminium, ask for the ingredients of any vaccination before you blindly accept it - some have started to omit aluminium and mercury from vaccination ingredients now people are becoming aware of research results, (THE AGE OF ALUMINIUM DOCUMENTARY).

    2/ Brain plaques occur because main cleansing organs of body don't work properly - focus on your healthy working of liver and kidneys, gall bladder and adrenals and you will be doing everything you can to avoid getting plaques. After all, if the body is tired, it just dumps stuff it cant deal with, I don't blame it!

    3/ Blood brain barrier discovered in 1920's is formed by the brain capillary endothelium and excludes from the brain ∼100% of large-molecule neurotherapeutics and more than 98% of all small-molecule drugs. Inflammation lends itself to the barrier being penetrated. Inflammation is SO common nowadays. Diet and household cleaning/washing products contain chemicals new to our body. Our government seems to be saying adapt or die. Apart from fairy liquid, all products I put on my skin and in my house are body friendly. Great tasting peppermint and clove toothpaste!

    To look forward to a long healthy life, eat (organic) vegetables and lots of fruit. The nutrition will sustain the main organ functions. No matter what you eat, if it lands in a healthy environment, the nasty's are quickly eliminated. For 2 years I ate a (4 times per week) diet of Curcumin, garam masala, turmeric, garlic, ginger, coconut oil, in a vegetable curry. I believe this supported my recovery. I will continue to enjoy it for the rest of my days as it will look after my brain function!

    In no circumstances should you be using your mobile phone up against your ear or touching your face. Your heart is electromagnetic. So is your phone. Put it on speakerphone and hold it away from you to speak.


  • Hi dillm,

    Thank you for your post.

    There have been some studies indicating that people who have sustained brain injuries may be at a higher risk of developing Alzheimers's. However, the full picture is unclear and this is one of a number of different risk factors, with genetic background believed to be one of the strongest indicators.

    At present we would say that it is not possible to make a judgment on individual risk, so the 'odds on' can only be a guess based on an incomplete picture.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss further.

    Best wishes,


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