I forgot to write at the time but I shall do now.

In the way my life has panned out, I haven't really had a great chance to be as independent with myself like many others like getting around on my own and things like that.

Some of the courses at my local Headway would mean I would have to get my mum to escourt me on the bus from our house to the ferry, get the ferry over to Portsmouth and then get the bus to the Mountbatten centre where Headway is located.


My Dad could drive me around to Portsmouth and that can be a longer trip. Plus also, there is the fact that he would have to take the time out of work to take me which I would not be happy about doing either.

Anyway, Headway set up a little system for me where they would send a volunteer to help me on the buses and ferry to get over to Mountbat, which is kind, and in time the more confident I get, I can hopefully go alone.

For the first few weeks, I went with the volunteer. I am starting to get more confident and I got the bus on my own to the ferry and met a friend there and we went to the Mountbatten centre together.

I haven't been used the bus on my own for over ten years, when I was going to college.

I did that OK and I have agreed with this volunteer that I shall meet her over at Portsmouth on Thursday. So I will be getting the bus and ferry myself :).

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  • That's good Matt good for you. I cant go everywhere on my own- only if its places im used to - my mum comes with me if its unfamiliar places as i get confused etc

    Youre braver than me getting buses and ferries on your own- id get confused-well done!

  • Thanks Karen :).

    I too could not go to an area I hadn't been to before either. I would need, or prefer to have someone show me the ropes first.

    If I was asked to organise a trip to London via train I would not be able to handle that.

    It is the small things first. Like someone told me once achieving small things one at a time is like taking stepping stones.

  • No chance for me on organising a trip to London lol - cafe down the road and me mums that'll do me :-)

  • I agree, I think that is all I be able to handle at the moment. I prefer more of the quiet life and not the hustle and bustle, argy bargy, 'ow's ya father, type of life you get in London.

    I have been to London with my family and will be going again soon. But to think about going there on my own or even getting around on my own that is a no go.

  • Hi MJ

    Every step is in the right direction Matt. Well done!

    I'm not as bad as you but find I get really nervous when going somewhere new and paranoid about timetables and where and when to get on and off.

    As an ex-lorry driver used to going to every nook and cranny in southern and middle England finding tiny houses or huge building sites contending with port authorities etc. etc. the change in 2 years is devastating from total independance to hog tied.

    Still here I am groaning again while the sun shines bright outside so must be time to take the dogs for a toddle before it rains again.

    Good luck for THursday Matt, I'm sure all will be fine and from what I can remember of the ferry service from Gosport to Pompey the view's nice and the ride not too choppy and nicely relaxing.

    Oh by the way once I saw that Whoopie Goldberg was the answer I just knew I'd known the answer all along ;-) Once more a great caricature Matt. Do you take them to the Headway meets and events. You could use them for like part of a pub quizz type event.

    All the bestest


  • Hi Geoff,

    It is a bit of a shock on what a BI can do to a person's lifestyle. I know people that used to be an extravet before and after an intravert.

    In my junior school, around 6-11 years old, I thought of myself as kind of popular to some. Maybe I am wrong and am bigging myself up haha. As I say, I didn't really have much chance to be independent or to really experience life like others have.

    The ferry ride is not so bad. The water is usually quite calm and the view isn't much to shake a stick at but you have got a good view of Portsdown hill, even better view if you were on Portsdown hill and looking over Gosport/Pompey. Thanks for the good fortune anyhow :). I'm sure my little trip should be OK.

    Thanks for commenting the caricature. I dunno if you saw my reply on another member's comment but she said that Whoopi is black and that caricature was white.

    I said that I did sketch her with a dark skin tone but maybe over the years the picture has faded a bit. Also maybe the picture did not pick up her skn tone very well. So sorry for that :).

    I also said "Wouldn't it be funny if Whoopi married Peter Cushing. Whoopi Cushing :)".

    Take care,


  • Hi MJ,

    I did see the reply and thoughy Whoopie Cushing was a cracker.... well sort of pphhhhp! actually ;-).

    I guess it would be really hard to depict black skin effectively in pencil or charcoal without losing too much detail, I know I find it hard to get a decent exposure setting for photography what ever the subject matter is black is hard because it just seems to suck up the light.

    Actually don't know why they call it black skin because there is a hell of a range of skin tones, part of why I don't like refering to people as black, white, asian or what ever.... people is people no matter what their skin tone.

    I actually thought it was a brilliant caricature.

    All the bestest


  • Skin tone an be difficult to draw. Those caricatures I drew were a few years before I started getting really good with drawing via tuition and certain tools. So they would have been drawn in 2008/09.

    So I think I did pretty good with just pencil :).

    You are into photographyare you? Maybe you could post some of your talent on here?

    There are a whole range of blacks out there from Oreo cookie black to mochachocolatino oblack r however it is spelled haha.

    Take care,


  • Great to hear you are taking those very scary first steps to real independence.

    I remember being terrified at the thought of going alone anywhere, which is odd because in the early days I would wander off and be totally unaware that my family were panicking looking for me!

    I hope this is the beginning of a great journey to wherever you fancy going!

  • Hi Matt, Well done, what an achievement. Along with your art you really are an inspiration to us all. K

  • Aww thanks Aqua :)

  • Thats good progress there , keep it up and you wont believe what you can achieve

  • Dear Matt, your determination and perseverance is heart-warming and (as aqua said) inspirational.

    I don't doubt that you'll land 'safe & sound' at Portsmouth but I don't underestimate the amount of courage required. And what a great feeling for you when you look back & appreciate what you've achieved !! xx :D

  • Aww thanks Cat :). That is nice of you to say :).

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