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Fancy hiring a tandem for free?

Fancy hiring a tandem for free?

Hi all,

I just wanted to publicise an excellent organisation I came into contact with last year.

Following my brain haemorrhage I became partially sighted, and no longer able to ride a bike......... Until I discovered Charlottes Tandems. ( here's the link)


This organisation loans tandems to disabled people for free. They stock a variety of styles of tandems , for children, for adults , for all ages and abilities and you can borrow them .

The tandem stock they have are all spread across the country, so I'm sure there would be one local to most people if you fancied a go. I would highliy rcommend it!

We borrowed one for a few months, loved it so much we bought one for ourselves, and now have many happy hours travelling on it.

Happy tandemming!

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Thanks for the link Smilerdi I'm tempted to try it in the summer- looks good fun :-)


We look forward to your application, Karen. Fill in the form on our website, CharlottesTandems.co.uk, and I'll put you in touch with our nearest Helper(s).


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