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Absolutely Terrified

Since my varices a couple of years ago which resulted in me placed into a induced coma and a TIPS procedure being carried out. I feel looking back that I have coped with my illness very well. Except for one thing which I can understand why I am like this but I cannot seem to come to terms with. If I ever feel like I am going to vomit I absolutely panic although I have never vomited since the TIPS procedure was carried out. This past week has been a nightmare as I went down with Gastroenteritis which usually brings on vomiting but thankfully up to now I have managed not to vomit. I know it's a psychological thing but I still cannot get over this problem. Any advice would be most grateful

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Hi Jimboriley52,

It might be worth having a word with your GP because there are some meds that can help with the nausea or speak to neuro and maybe get some neuropsychology assesment and therapy sorted.

I sometimes get given the anti-nausea meds because they also help protect the stomach from other strong meds, I have a history of ulcerative cholitis - in remission for last 12 years thankfully, so often get them when I have to take anti-biotics, anti-inflamatories etc.

Take care



The only thing I don't like about being sick is that like sneezing,coughing,lifting something heavy,the muscle contraction makes me leak .Having to hold yourself with one hand and hold long hair out of the way with the other while maintaining balance is a work of art !Way too much information there ,I know !

On the plus side you often feel so much better afterwards : )Luckily I don't feel the need too often.It is a natural bodily emergency evacuation like other functions and serves a purpose,I suppose.

Did you get any referrals regarding your sleep problems ? x


Hi angelite,

The juggling act is easier for the male. Short hair and a reef knot leaves everything free for balance and support.

Hows that for too much info lol ;-)


If I'm standing too long and am too tired (talked too much) I suddenly come over very sick feeling,have to sit but lie flat = much better. Coz even get it sitting for too long (as at appt.at hospital last time) couldn't lie down (on floor and HARD) so had to pace around, HATE it, embarrassing and also tiring. Then come over EXHAUSTED and freezing cold and get under duvet on mattress on floor with heater on til try rest (but brain won't shut up when overdone it and starts burning/tickling inside)/warm up. AWFUL.

Then everything hurts, can't get comfy at all, then cry with despair: can't rest, all HURTS whichever way I lie.


Hi JImbo. Only just catching up with posts and spotted yours. I really do empathise with the fear of vomiting although I believe it's a really common phobia.

I'll do anything to put it off, but in the case of a virus, as angelite says, it's necessary for the purpose of expelling poisons from the system.

In the days when GPs visited patients, mine would come out and administer an injection of either Stemetil or Maxolon when my sickness lasted more than 36hrs, so that I could resume vital medication, but now it's 'Get yourself to A&E' !!

I think once the initial bout is over with, and the temporary relief that brings, the fear subsides and after that it's all just a horrid, uphill slog 'til the bug has run its course.

But for nausea or treatable types of sickness, you could ask your GP about either of the meds mentioned above, which also come in tablet form.

Cat x


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