Tonight as I was tucking my little girl into bed a huge wave of dizziness hit me. The room didn't spin or anything but I just couldn't stand up and kept falling into things. I shouted for my husband who had to hold me up and guide me to a seat. The worst of it has gone now but I still feel unsteady on my feet.

Is this yet another after effect of my subarachnoid hemorrhage or my hydrocephalus? I have a vp shunt fitted also.

I'm feeling very frightened right now. I have never experienced anything like that in my life!

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  • I had a similar experience several years ago. I was tidying the room before going up to bed when suddenly I was too light headed to remain standing. I lay on the couch for a while thinking it'd subside and I'd be ok, but each time I raised my head I felt like I would faint. My mobile was in my pocket so I phoned the landline which woke my daughter and she answered to find that I was having a problem.

    I was taken to A&E and, although no explanation could be found at that time, these episodes began happening more frequently. After all manner of tests and consultations it became apparent that I was suffering frequent & random panic attacks which became frighteningly persistent for about 18 months.

    I gradually learned to allow them to pass through me without fighting them 'til they eventually stopped altogether.

    What you've had tonight Charlii needs investigating, if only for elimination purposes. And what I've described above is just to illustrate that, often, such strange & scary episodes can turn out to have fairly benign explanations such as BPV or middle ear infection.

    All best wishes Cat x

  • Could be that your middle ear is playing up. That knocks your balance right off. They can do some head moving thing that can sort it out or give you tablets to help with the queeziness.

    Given that you do have a shunt, it may be worth getting it checked, although when my brother got trouble with his, he had headache vision problems and sickness.

  • You should go and have this checked out. Don't leave it Done that and now regret it. Take Care.

  • Hi Charlii. I agree with what the others have advised that you do need to go and see a Dr to get it checked out. Could be something like panic attack or vestibular balance problems but there is also the possibility of it being perhaps a partial seizure as not all epileptic fits mean you lose full consciousness and have a tonic clonic fit. It would be very unwise to ignore it as if happens again could potentially be in a situation that could put you or others at risk. Best wishes

  • Have you had yourself checked out? A friend had a slightly blocked shunt. I had an ear infection which made me lose my balance few weeks ago, I'd gone a bit more deaf than normal, then lost my balance followed by lots of pain in my head & A&E. There are all sorts of reasons for it.

  • Hi Charlii , I too have a shunt and I know that I can't bend my head or look up as that sends me dizzy and have to lay down for the rest of the day . When this first happened to me I went to the Dr and he sent me to A&E where I was given a scan as they thought there was a blockage , but thankfully I didn't, so now I know what not to do , but sometimes I forget and could kick myself afterwards . I hope you go and get checked out just to be on the safe side x

  • Hi Charlii, I've had a few episodes that sound exactly the same as your experience. (Though I had a TBI not a SAH and don't have a shunt.) The first time it happened was in about January this year. I was still in bed, and woke up with the most awful feeling of my head spinning very fast - nearest I could think of was being very drunk as a student years ago! :D When I got up, trying not to draw attention to the problem as my children were in the room, the floor seemed to slide away from me and I staggered about, feeling nauseous and lurching from one piece of furniture to the next. It is the most horrible feeling and yes, very frightening.

    I've had several episodes since that, over the past nine months, though none when lying flat like the first time and none quite as bad. I did mention it to my GP, and there was no definite explanation: could have been inner ear infection, could be linked to my M.E. (which was diagnosed in May and apparently was probably triggered by my TBI). I agree with everyone else that it's definitely something to get checked out, especially since you have a shunt. But it might not be anything serious. Good luck!

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply everyone, it is very much appreciated. Today has been very strange, I have had pins and needles all day, starting in the right side of my head where the SAH was and in the right side of my face. I now have them lightly in my right limbs also. Thankfully, I haven't had any more of that one side dizziness/collapse I had last night. I have been taking it very easy today. I don't want to bother my neurosurgeon unless I absolutely have to (although it must be said, he is amazing!)

    Think I will monitor things and see how they go xx

  • Hope everything's OK, charlii. Seems to me these symptoms are worth bothering your neuro about - after all, that's what he's there for! Better than worrying about them alone. All the best.

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