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Stressful day

yesterday I planned and paced myself, well thought I had. I had one of neuro physio, with breaks in the session. Adter physio I pick my nephew up to buy his birthday present in town. I love my nephew, and he loved picking his presents. he took so long and I was trying to help him, computer games. after a while I could feel God I just want to get out of hear, it was too noisy, my left eye started twitching (a sign my fatigue is coming quickly). We left computer shop, and I drunk guy s tarted talking to me , I just started to walk away from him but he kept following me and talking to me. I v eered into a perfume shop. I felt v vulnerable and wanted to scream like a child for help, but knew I had to keep it together for my nephew. By the time we got back to my brother in law I just burst into tears. Trying to explain complexities of BI is hard. Te house was full of children. I said I wasn't feeling well and left. My neuropsychologist says to use deep breathing, ear plugs and sunglasses and noisy ,stressful , busy places. I did this and it still does not work. can I ask how others cope? I am trying not to let it rules my life

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From what you wrote I think you may have underestimated how wiped you would be and so tried to pack too much in to the day.

I never arrange to meet people or do anything after an appointment...it is usually as much as I can handle and if I take it easy for the rest of the day I am fine.

If I do have to plan in something else that same day then I ALWAYS schedule a break in between things ...

I always make sure I have fluids and a snack in my bag because I find that taking on fuel can help with energy levels if I do have to push myself.

I ALWAYS carry earplugs and I use them - they really do help filter out the excess background noise.

In our desire to be well/better we can often try to do more than we realistically can handle. It is frustrating not to be able to do the things others take for granted but if we take care to truly pace ourselves we can enjoy the things we do and limit the stress we endure.

I think you should be very proud of yourself that you managed to hold it together and that you got yourself and your nephew home safely....

Hope you are rested now...be gentle with yourself


Thank u. Your tips are v good. I will implement in future :)


Its all by experience that we learn ways to cope... some of those lessons I have learned the hard way ;)

Hope some of the things I do may be useful to you


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