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Recent head injury

I've had a car accident two weeks ago, suffered a head injury that required stitches only. i cant reca the day of the accident and 3 days after maybe more.

I'm suffering now from a post concussion syndrome, my memory is getting better. I just want to talk to people who have suffered the same before and im curious? Would I ever remember the accident out of a sudden?

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I cannot remember my accident or the period before the accident

I suffer from problems with short term memory loss now


I know I was on way home.i have snap shots of being in hospital, almost like photographs. A green jacket, a foot on a pile of pillows

I could not read or watch tv. It took more brain power than I had, my memory was awful and still is.

Trying to rush things makes recovery slower in the long run, it was for me because I just didnt accept I had an issue.

I can't really give you an idea as to how I was feeling because I don't remember, just not right and lost.


My memory is alot better now, I just have a provlem while talking I pause to remember the words. Plus I find it hard to concentrate on a movie pr tv shows i used to watch! I still find it hard to balance and walk too slow. I still cant believe it happened it's all a dream to me when friends and family tell me stories of what I said and did at the hospital..

Feels weird, would that feeling ever go away? Im scared to go to work after my sick leave is over


Maybe get someone to take you to your work for a visit before you are due to go back?

I felt fantastic and excited about being back at work, till I got there! The noise was unbearable I struggled to pick out any one conversation I couldn't answer telephones and I was scared out of my mind. I suppose it's like coming from a island of calm and safety to being dropped into the centre o Tokyo!

At least if you visit first if you do feel overwhelmed you can talk to you manager about phased return.

I hope that you will manage just to slip back into work easily and that your only difficulty to begin with is fatigue. You may find that you need sleep more than ever before.

Good Luck!


The doctor gave me a light duty (4hrs only) for two weeks once I report to work, i guess that would help :)..

Sleeping is bad! Ugh I've never had a problem sleeping but now I suffer from insomnia and I can only sleep when its day time.

Thank you!! And good luck to you too! How long has it been?


I had RTA in feb 2004 went back to work around 18 months to 2 yrs ago.


I think that the brain shuts bad memories out on purpose. I had my accident eighteen months ago, and still have a blank period from five hours before, till two months after. I don't think that will ever come back to me. I am lucky I can remember past life and people, so that is the least of my worries

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