Sex drive

I mention somethinfg abot this before asking if anyone else found they had lost the re sex driv e and fot lots if great response but slighty different i found when i concentrate i can but i just dont want to. My wife is young and attratcive and i love her a lot but how do you explain to your other half about it (i have to take her to doctors with me i start panicing and forget what to say and get my point acrross) has anyone had to do this?

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Try asking her? I'm sure she will be pleased that you are thinking of her emotional wellbeing - and that in itself is a sign that you are recovering too. In my case, my wife had the TBI and I'm her carer. It took a good couple of years before she could handle that side of life. Nature had a few tricks up her sleeve too, I was so tired, depressed, anxious, stressed and on antidepressants, that it wasn't really going to be a problem anyway ;-)

I think both sides often make assumptions, and don't talk about these situations out of a sense of not wanting to push their partners.

Its good to talk, and of course, write things down if you feel you will be overwhelmed by the subject.



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