Has anyone been prescribed quetiapine 25mg

I'm wondering if anyone can help me with the above question ? Ive only been on the above meds for two days what can i expect from these .I've been on here before and got good advice the problem I've got now is copping with how I've changed since my Sah I breakdown for trivial or no reason and its really getting me down. To the point I wonder what's the point everyone both friends and family have been great but I'm finding it difficult to see me getting better any comments would be gratefully received

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Has your doctor tried anti depressants before being prescribed this? Also, are you getting any counselling, sounds like it could help.

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Thank. For replying I'm on venlafaxine 187.5 MG's which I've been on since before my Sah the doctors being increasing it as and when required ! I've been to see a phycologist and he's the one that recommended I try this tablet to see if it helps .he said it would help my severe anxiety attacks


How long does it take to start working as I'm very tearful and hoped this would help with that to as well as sleeping problems !


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