On Reflection. Has this happened to anyone

I think I'm in one of those analysing\thinking modes. I guess recovery after surgery is a steep learning curve. It's only 21mths since surgery. I'm young(now 41). I experience a lot of dips in energy cause I'm dealing so much with having solely to deal with sorting bills and everyday external stresses that my recovery has suffered a bit. I'm struggling to do things in small bits and so not use to it. Since surgery I struggle to do things alone. Before I was very independent and got on with stuff by myself. I wish I could only concentrate on my health\wellbeing and not be concerned with anything else but there will be dire consequences if I do that. I've spent the past 6mths trying to find get what I think will work for me and when about to start. A setback by external circumstances. Got to find the strength to start again. How does one cope? Any suggestions on how you manage?

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  • yes just the same have you spoken to your consultant about how your feeling, as I found mine very helpful

  • Is it too much of a personal question to ask why you cannot concentrate on your health & wellbeing and what the 'dire consequences' would be if you did ? I do believe in analysis; it gets to the root of issues.......... where most answers lie.

  • your probably right if only i could sleep rest , get all the stress out of my ife i may be able to take care of me, not sure maybe some okfood may help me to not just a craker or broken bread bits i do drink lot water as told to

  • reading what you have puts like a mirror im alone i used 2 sort thing good myself bils papers now it gets hard trying i fel i dont want bother im so tired yet poor sleepif any one had come in my home before my sah /stroke to , tbi ,my home ws spotless tyidy infact bit over the top now i try but like my kitchen work tops have letters papersall over as i no id put them some where safebut panic the carnt find, i need rest but carnt im 46 this happened 2010 im ashamed of myself and the struge bills paer home is a lot to us to cope hen we need to get better its ok people sying throw stuff out get organised not that easy is it and with head and loss of use left side espicaly hand its hard even opening mail hard 1 had teeth hae more uses than food ive learnt i no i souldnt say it but i feel like giving up, i have a siste who doesnt live by mebut she does phone tells me shut up get on with it not helpfull you must aswell as me no how hard how trying little thigs are when it used to be few mins no were trying get better but i toget mentaly and phyicalydrain on small things you take care

  • It sounds like your suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Check with your consultant if you can have CBT. I've suffered 3 traumas over my 25 years (TBI, rape and haemmorage) Im now very resilliant but I still have CBT once in a while to help. Try music too. Listen to something you really love and it should help you relax. Smell too! I use Lavender because its brilliant for rest and sleep.

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