Quilts for Valour

Quilts for Valour

Did anyone use visual aids along their recovery paths, to help their memory. We have a beautiful quilt :-) Whilst in Birmingham my son received a quilt for valour as a gift from a very special lady, we wrote & thanked her & she was able to visit us in Scotland after my son came home, we still keep in touch.

This quilt meant so much to my son, as he suffered a TBI so his memory was affected, his quilt had to be on his bed whilst in hospital in Birmingham, Edinburgh & in Glasgow he used it as a visual aid to help him remember where his bed space was. Margaret the lady who kindly made this for my son also made me a quilt to using some of the patchwork material that she used to make my sons. What a very special gift, it will be cherished in our family for generations to come. X

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  • My house is full of visual aids, mainly to help me remember to take my medication and inject my dog with insulin. They are invaluable in helping me get things just right :)

  • Does anyone know of any books or websites where I can find examples of how people with head injury use visual aids or prompts, to organise and manage their home to assist in their daily lives towards independent living?

  • Lots of sites have some uses but they are usually created by people who haven't got memory problems. Wish there was a 'bible' as someone often gives me a useful tip. My Headway support person told me to get a little alarm clock with date/day of the week on it and put it right by the kettle so it keeps reminding me what day it is (there were occasions on a winter morning when I wouldn't know if it was 7am or pm) also I have one in the bathroom to check what day it is and therefore what I am doing for the day. One with the radio automatic switching back/forward the hour are best. I tried to find one which could be a fridge magnet, but they haven't been invented yet.

    If only all the good ideas could be in one place.

  • Perhaps I need a patchwork paint job on the car so I can locate it in Sainsburys....Seriously what a brilliant idea, something really eye catching so you know it's your bed when every room looks the same, and also helpful for other patients to remember you by your quilt.

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