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Is it worth seeing a doctor

Hi as fellow users are aware I am trying to come to terms with the late diagnosis of TBI

Because of flash backs of how I was for the first 20 years and how I cannot make friends only acquaintances as I become anxious in case I say/do something silly. I decided whilst I was leaving my repeat prescription to ask to see a GP as I was having a bad day got an appointment within an hour.

What a waste of time Gp( locum) was not interested did not believe me any one else been treat this way

I am going to raise this at patients forum (I am on the medical centre s panel)

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Good idea dillm. GPs are supposed to be our first point of contact after discharge from bi and yet, in general, they haven't a clue about brain issues. I'm going to sign in to my medical centre and do the same.............right now ! x


I know exactly how you feel. I haven't been back to the doctors for 5 months because I feel they don't listen or understand anything. I have even been asked by one doctor 'what do you want me to do about it'. I was going to write a letter of complaint to the practise but up until now I haven't had the energy. I am home from work today not feeling very good so i am going to write the letter today.

Like most people on here, we have to fight for everything, it takes too much energy we can't keep fighting on so many fronts without losing the important battles. I get mad when I try so hard but still end up failing (it's not in my nature). I run 2 bussiness and don't claim any benifits. I pay my taxes and still get no where.

Can I ask what is this panel you talk about, I've never heard of it. May be we should all join one and try to make a differance from the inside instead of outside. Thanks for your post I know you will understand when I say I am glad it's not just me that's being treated this way. :))


Most health centres have some sort of patient's panel generally you can ask to join unless there is a limit to the number of patient's that can be on the panel

PS most hospitals have similar


Hi dillm2,

Headway chose this as the focus of our Action for Brain Injury Week campaign last year, as we receive a lot of similar comments about many GPs having a very limited understanding of brain injury and its effects.

As part of this we created a number of factsheets for GPs to help them to understand and refer their patients. These resources are available at headway.org.uk/gp.aspx

It might be worth letting your doctor know about this too, so they can work to improve the care they give.

Best wishes,



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