New simple pastime

Like most of you it is always a struggle with money and something to occupy your time. Don't know what made me think of it but I googled "freebies" and came across a few sites that have daily newsletters of free offers.

So far we have had several weeks worth of dishwasher tablets, free seeds for the garden, tooth paste and all sorts of household products and money off vouchers

It whiles away an hour or so and some of the stuff is quite good. The junk mail is quite good for starting the fire and keeping the compost bin topped up :-)

Anybody got any other ideas ?

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THIS IS A GOOD FREEBIE SOSPAN. I saw on or two posts a couple of days ago about someoe needing to find a good cheap supply of oxygen - I know they were talking about it in tanks - but it got me thinking and I researched oxygen in food via google and above was the 1st link on the search engine. I then started doing something else and forgot to finish my reply - well that' not unusual is it, till I just saw your post now.

So hang on to those packets of seeds, because if you are planting green veg that would be even better! Shirley x


Interesting, early on in my injury we used to grow lots of sprouting vegetables and wheat grass. Even indoors we needed quite a bit of sunlight to get them to grow just by rinsing in water - last year wasn't good, even in Wales it rained too much


no, rain has been here long time as well. But I read on yahoo today they are predicting a long hot summer, temperatures up to 40 deg - then we'll all have heatstroke instead!


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