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Hey everyone , just a quick post to let you all know about this documentary(if you didn't already know) I've just watched called 'Mind Matters a documentary on Brain injury' ( vimeo.com/m/50035778 )I found it really interesting and it helped me piece together why I'm the way I am after my injury. It covers several side effects, mainly the physical effects but it does cover a lot of neurological effects too.

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  • Thanks, I will bookmark this and watch it later and share it ;-)

  • Oh, I am SO lucky. I just watched this documentary about brain injury. I was unlucky to have that fall off my bike in 2005, but I have been very, *very* lucky to recover as well as I have. Yes, I am 'blind', with funny speech, and horrible co-ordination, but *lots* of people with a TBI are far, far worse.

    Watching that was wonderful. I have posted it on Facebook, to all my friends.

  • I don't think we should be comparing ourselves to others. We've all had a brain injury, if you'd prefer to distance yourself from others with worser outcomes then leave the site.

  • Thats a very presumptuous comment, nobody said they are distancing themself from others with worse outcomes ?! Or are they comparing themself to the people in the film at all, there is a lot of science included in the documentary that relates to the effects on people's personalities after brain injury and the physical effects they have on people. I watched it to educate myself further on the topic and posted it incase others wanted to do the same. Perhaps you should leave the site if you can't bite your tongue when you disagree with something. This is a site for support not to be second guessed by someone that doesn't know me.

  • Um, who do you think is 'distancing themselves from others'? I was definitely not, I was just saying how that video made me feel. I do not see any nastiness in what I said. I just said that that video made me realize how lucky I am. I am lucky compared to some people on this forum, but others are doing better than me, too. This is a lovely site, where I can give *and* receive support. And obviously, I can receive grumpy, negative, messages as well. I hope that doesn't happen again.

  • We will not bind together as a unit if we carry on comparing in order to feel pevertedly satisfied with our 'lucky' outcomes.

  • You make no sense at all. If somebody has had a particularly bad effect from a brain injury and another person wasn't quite as bad, of course the less effected person is going to feel lucky as it could have easily been them ! Fortunately, every person on this site is an individual so there is no need to be a unit that cannot possibly recognise that they had a lucky escape compared to others, we can be a unit that appreciates The Fact that those who endured worse Effects have shared their story and offer them the best advice we can.

  • It is natural and interesting to see others who have had a brain injury. Clearly some have more serve injurys and folks recovery is different.

    It's not a competive comparison, but clearly people are going to want and wish for good (realistic) recovery so people will feel happy at recovery and that their injury was only so much.

  • Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I just watched this, and I really enjoyed and appreciated it. I was going to post here, to say that. But I see I posted that a couple of months ago, when I first watched it. I don't remember watching it then, or posting here about it. I vaguely remember the argument I had, although I don't remember the details of it.

    I thought my memory was OK again, now. But I guess not.

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