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Back at last!

Hi folks hope everyone is baring up well.

I have hardly been on here or any social networks last month or 2.

I had a nasty incident on twitter and had a bit of a freak out and so shut down my profile and kind of hid away for a bit.

I'm not going back on twitter but feel ready to get back amongst it on here and Facebook i think.

Anyways bit late i know but happy new year to one and all and i hope 2014 provides you all with a positive set forward

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Welcome back and Happy New Year to you also allsorted. Hope everything else goes well for you also.


Hi Allsorted, good to see you back. Sorry to hear you were upset by events on twitter but you're safe & sound back here with us. Best wishes to you also for 2014. x


Welcome back and sorry to hear about twitter - not something I use but I have heard various negative reports. Hope all is well now and Happy New Year to you x


I don't use any social networks, so I have no problems. don't forget ATOS and many others search for you and the information they get will be used against you?


spartan, worst of all your best freinds think its cool to tag you in there pictures without realising they are shopping you, crazy eh.


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