I got the centre fold in the Edinburgh Evening News on Friday. I'm both "Passionate" and "dedicated", lovely. Quite a nice article on brain injury too even if much of the detail is recycled innacurate journalism (gold sand beaches on a volcanic island?).

Remember you get to tick the disability box on grants so it's easy to help any sports group you're a member of.

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Hi Jonathon, a great insprational story but more so how eloquently you have described some of the many and varied effects of a BI - no matter what our ages!

I would just like to add that - when your brain goes into meltdown with the ensuing effects, it’s not like ice cream – you can’t put it in the freezer, solidify it overnight, take out and then it be like it was before it melted. I wish you well for your future. x

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nice piece. I was really struck by your quote "It’s not like in films where you wake up all of a sudden and recognise the loved ones by your bed,” he points out. “I was drifting in and out of consciousness for a couple of days before I was fully conscious." I constantly get asked what it was like when i found out but have no memory of being told what happened


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