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Head injury affects the whole body Neurological, Chemical , muscular skeletal

As a head injured person since 1987, 4 serious head injuries, I keep having to fix myself as conventional doctors do not yet recognise or understand the ALL of body long term effects, only recognising the physical external injury. I am working, studying, own a business and intending to be an elected Parliamentarian this year so I can make a difference in Australia, especially for Aboriginal people. So many people experience hormonal changes, neurological problems, homeostatic problems not to mention the effects of long term changes in Cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Too all the fellow sufferers no one except a fellow suffer can easily empathise, understand or will want to learn enough to help. Best Advice I can give is Smile and laugh as much as you can, release your natural endorphins to take away the pain and start YOUR own mission for wellness, every day is a bonus, you are alive when many are not so be thankful and enjoy your journey, it can be very exciting and great fun learning with the new you. learn to live with the new you and SMILE.

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By 'fellow sufferer' do you include the folk who live with the brain injured? I was told be a doctor more than 20 years ago that I would need to become 'the expert'. All those years ago, if you survived you were told by the medics to 'go and live your life.' It was not recognised that people would be left with a brain injury. No rehab, no after care - just coping as best we could. Playing devils advocate; may I say no one but close fellow family members can understand what it is like to live everyday as though it is not your own.


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