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How are you feeling today?

Do you remember when you used to write letters to people? I'm sure some of you still do, but now we live in a digital age, it's pretty rare.

I'm 22, so it's hardly my domain, I haven't really written any letters, but I went on a trip for six weeks to Madagascar, in a place where phones didn't work, so I wrote letters to a friend while I was there. I don't think I've ever put so much thought into what I've said than I did in those letters, I had to chose my words carefully. I had to find the paper, get a pen, write legibly, and post it off so it actually made it to the correct place. I took the time to really put down onto paper the things I'd seen etc. You have to do that when a reply doesn't come instantly. Thus, it's pretty easy to say something that doesn't really express how you're feeling.

So, how are you really doing? What do you miss? What are you worried about? What have you achieved? What has improved? I don't mean all that stuff you tell people, stuff that they want to hear, and all the stuff that's easy to skim over so it's easier to understand. Take the time to out down here, without reserve, what your going through.

It feels good, promise :)

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I'm feeling good, I'm no longer feeling down about not having the cognitive ability I had before the tumor or that my eyesight will never get back to normal. I am just thankful that I am able to have fun and hold down a great job. I haven't written a letter in years but maybe I will have a go today. Thanks for sharing!


Hi, I do a fair amount of writing, but in a diary form, I find it helps to cleanse all the clutter from my brain and makes for better functioning. If anyone wants to read it they are very welcome, no secrets in there but very liberating xxxx Janet


my biggest regret is that I had to give up work, and the longer it is without returning the more I realise it may never happen


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