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Career change help

Shellsbelles started a thread about trying to find help with starting a new venture which is what I have also contemplated since my injury. I used to a self-employed IT consultant and since my injury have had the usual problems with concentration, memory, planning etc. which are key to the role.

I have been struggling to find an alternative career but find all the help even from the Jobcentre is very much geared up to helping you once you have found a role, want to go for an interview or have a job to go back to. Once I mentioned that I am in the ESA "support" group the local Jobcentre and their Main disability office in Cardiff were even more disinterested.

Whilst I am a long way off being ready for work, the desire is there but need to start some long term planning. I know going into the high profile IT role I had previously will be difficult, so what else can I do - I know there are many roles and opportunities out there but how do you find a role for the "new" me?

Whilst starting a new venture is certainly a possibility there are the obvious risks financially and personally and paid employment does provide a safety net. Has anyone out there found some help or sources of information to plan a career change in paid employment ?

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My OH was exactly the same as yourself (self employed IT consultant) and we cannot think of one job he could do!

He also has aphasia regarding numbers/balance issues and memory probs so would be very interested what you come up with regarding new roles. To be perfectly honest he has forgotten all his IT skills and avoids computers like the plague now. We used to dabble in property renovation and are going to go down that route again as he can do things at his own pace and get the satisfaction of 'doing something'.

Initially we did try to get help regarding possible work but it was soul destroying and people just dont understand the problems and it seemed to be just a case of volunteering somewhere. Another knife in the wound is that he is constantly getting phonecalls from recruitment agents asking if he would consider contracts! (if only!)-no doubt you get the same calls! Best of Luck to you and let us know how you go on.


Thanks yes we are so identical, Even now 2 years since my injury I get 3-4 calls a day offering work that I can no longer do. More of a coincidence is that prior to my injury as well as IT, I used to do a lot of building - even constructing my own house. Financial pressures and lack of competence meant I sold a lot of my tools and machinery - digger, dumper etc. My Neuropsychologist has suggested that I start doing more DIY to help with my recovery.

I was also given the "find a volunteering role" somewhere for an hour a week. - which I would if there was something that would be a challenge/ be of interest and like your OH do at my own pace.

Having interviewed and employed many people myself over the years, I know that I am unemployable because of the speed and accuracy of my work is not good. Although like your OH I can get there in time.

So maybe property renovation is not a bad option to consider...

All the best for your future


you should insist on seeing a Disability Employment Adviser (not an ESA adviser) in your Jobcentre as it's a service they should provide and if you're in the support group, this is the appropraite adviser for you to see. They can refer you to a work psychologist who can assess your suitability for jobs, taking any issues like memory deficits into account etc. They also refer to specialist provision and aren't interested in which benefit you get-their role is to support you in any aspect of finding OR retaining work. If they don't have a DEA (they shoukl), ask which is the nearest office that does as you can attend an office outside your local area if necessary- you're entitled to this support!


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