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Nothing to do with brain injury

But has anyone else noticed how innaccesable dentists are for wheelchairs and unless its a brand new complex most dentists where I live tend to be in old houses converted for business use or shop where the seating area is so small that you are always in someone's way when trying to park your chair or they have steps outside I have been looking for a new dentist and the ones that are advertised as wheelchair friendly are usually the ones where you need a helper to get in and suitable for small manual chairs being pushed

So next time you visit your dentist there is something to think about :-)

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Is there a community dentist in your area?


what is community dentist i have never heard of one of those?


as far as I understand, it's a dentist run by the council. Give them a call, they'll point you the right way.


My dentist has a whole flight of stairs up to his surgery, I would have to change to another dentist in the practice if I wanted to have a downstairs consulting room!!!


Well it wont help you, biker, but my dentist (though originally just a detached house) has, over the years, grown from a one-man-practice to a modern,spacious practice with five surgeries, disabled parking, ramp and large waiting room. For disabled folk there is a choice of three downstairs dentists and for a newly disabled patient, who's dentist works upstairs, the dentist just swaps rooms for that appointment.

They're very efficient, with their own website and telephone reminder service, and all this is probably why they've been 'Dental practice of the year' for two years running.

But I imagine you'll be looking for one a bit closer to home than Manchester !

I assume you've searched on line ? xx


I use a community dentist...they primarily work with people who have some kind of specific need...so most patients have a disability of some kind. They also work with dental phobics. They are based within a local hospital and the whole place is accessible. They also run a limited home visit service for those truly unable to attend the practice. They are listed as community dental services and your local one should be online - might be worth checking them out.


i will check them out


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