Well, since my last post, my lovely husband is still in hospital. Sadly, on Sunday he suffered yet another (his 4th) seizure, whilst his son was with him. Very scary for his son and him, but at least he was in bed and in the right place!

He has been moved to a small ward next to the nurses station, where they can keep an eye on him, but touch wood, no more seizures so far!

I know other people suffer from these hateful things on a far more regular basis than Steve, but that doesn't make each one any easier to cope with, and I have so much admiration for anyone who copes with these daily!

His bandages and dressings are off, his scars are amazing....73 staples in total.

Im still struggling with our idea of moving house, back to family in the Midlands, and feel that I am being selfish by wanting to do this, although he wants to as well. I am thinking of waiting until the Spring, giving him more time to feel better after all he has been through, but would love to do it tomorrow. Of course we have a house to sell, and one to find, so all these things take time. But then I worry about changing GP's, hospitals etc. and how much this would affect him.


I just want what is best for my husband, but every day I change my mind!


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Sorry to hear about the seizures, Molly, but this is a massive hurdle for Steve to have overcome and the hope is that they will either fade away or at least be manageable.

You've come through so much and I hope you'll find the right time to get things moving on the relocation front. Best wishes xx


Thank you cat for your message. I know we will make the right decision when the time is right. Steve is home now, and we have to try to put these seizures out of our minds (easier said than done!) and get on with making progress and living life as best we can. We will get there Im sure. x


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