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Thought some of you might be interested in listening to the following-

INTERVIEW with Asta Philpot on BBC Radio 2 (7th June) he talks about losing his virginity in a brothel

DURATION: 3 mins

Asta Philpot is wheelchair bound and told Jeremy about losing his virginity in a brothel.

(Available on i player, Asta also talks about a documentary he has made for TV)

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i think its a sensible solution, to what are human needs and desires.

and as long as everyone involved is consenting and doing it out of free will, then i see no problems with it.

and whilst people may disagree or think its wrong, it can help a lot of people who may not get their sexual needs met,

i see nothing wrong with legalised brothels. as long as they are controlled to ensure that the people involved have chosen to be involved.


I can't recall where i heard about it but I recall hearing about a care home who arranged for their patients needs to be met if so required, and why not!


There is a recent movie on this topic too...starring Helen Hunt,. It was the true story of a severely disabled guy who used a sexual surrogate service. I wish I could remember the name of it. I watched the film it was very moving.


I wasn't aware of Asta Philpot until today but I looked him up and. oh what a wonderful person he is. His outlook on society is so stripped back and refreshing and his philosophy on life is inspirational.

The question of sexual services for disabled people is probably a no-brainer with most intelligent people, although I'm not sure what the bishops are saying.........but who cares ?

The main worry I have is that, as the scheme wouldn't be NHS funded, vulnerable people could risk being ripped off if there weren't strict regulations in place and carefully monitored procedures.

If it were run by scrupulous, caring people it would be a win-win situation but what are the chances of that ? ....................sorry to be the 'fly in the ointment'.............but think about it. :-(



at 40 minutes

worry less about the bishops and more the tabloids e.g.



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