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My love story! 1 worn out woman, 1 House, 4 sons and a hubby with a brain injury.....(3)


11AM The morning after the night before :/

Ryan is stood in front of me wearing his gym clobber looking all fit and healthy..... Me? Oh I'm looking like an Adonis with my hair scrapped back on to my head, black bags under my eyes and a feck off look plastered across my face.... I don't do mornings and I really don't do hungover mornings in front of one of my friends that I had a near miss with the night before. Kill me now!

Lee had left his phone at mine and Ryan had volunteered to come and collect it from the pub. Anyway for the first time in years things were strange between us, I didn't know what to say to Ryan and he was the same with me. VERY AWKWARD!

So after a crappy hungover day at work and a full day going over what had happened the night before and the awkward meeting in the morning I was glad to get home. I picked my Son Aaron up from my mums and went home, we had tea, bathed and bed. I stuck the telly on in the bedroom and flicked until I came across a film I love. Mr and Mrs Smith. I was at the bit in the film, you know where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have the fight and demolish the house. I love that bit.

I can feel my phone vibrating and reaching for it I only half take my eyes off the screen. The screen is flashing and I do a double take from my phone to the telly back to my phone. "Smithy" flashing on the screen. Ha how weird is it that Ryan is messaging me while this is on the telly. Then the realisation!

OMG why is he messaging me!!

I slide my phone up nervously to find 'Hey Dee ur fave film on e4, that bit u like is on. That will be me and u when we get married. xx'

That's it i'm in love! How did he even know its my favourite film, how did he know it was my favourite part???!!??

After that he had won me over and the text messages started flowing. I decided to invite him over for a meal the night after and see if we can start again. No alcohol this time!

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