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HHD and the Candida connection

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Hi. I realised that I had inherited HHD from my dad 20 years ago, in my 20s. It has been getting progressively worse...

In the last year, I gave been suffering from low-body temp and fatigue as well as worse HHD and other symptoms. I thought it was my thyroid, but all blood values are "within range".

Through my renewed and intensive research into solving the puzzle of all my symptoms. Doctors and consultants have not helped.

However, I my tests and reading have led me to the Candida connection. I have a new theory about HHD: yes, it is a genetically inherited weakness of the skin (and whi knows what else), but it is not the principal problem causing my symptoms. I believe that the unsupportable infections I am getting are derived from compromised intestines; they have been taken over by the candida yeast/fungus - this means that my exposed groin and armpit skin has compromised protection from ambiental pathogens. It also means that my thyroid and other hormones are not being effectively absorbed theough my guy and into my cells and my body is stunted from reaching peak temperature.

The antibiotics by mouth and topical antibacterial and antifungal hydrocortisones have further weakened my immune system, the probiotic bacteria in my gut. They have kept infections under control, but weakened my natural defences. The icing on the cake has been amalgam fillings I was given last Spring; the HHD has been a constant plague since! I believe this is why we only really notice that we have HHD ourselves into our 20s or 30s! -by this time, our immune systems have been sufficiently weakened for our innate defect to manufest itself physically.

I have decided to go cold-turkey on tge meds (no antibiotics fir this latest bad outbreak, no more creams. Instead I am treating the Candida which I believe to have taken over my gut. I am avoiding almost all sugars and treating it with anti-fungal herbs. Its been 3 weeks and I'm feeling worse at the monent. I believe, trust and pray that my HHD skin outbreak especially will clear up soon. The candida treatment warns that symptoms will get worse first (Herxheimer reaction), but I'm persevering, as I predict that all my signs and symptoms of illness will alleviate once the candida overgrowth in my gut has been scaled back to a sustainable level and the toxins released as it dies are filtered out of my body. My hope is that in the future, the HHD defect in my genes will just show up sporadically as dry skin, which will self-heal in a matter of days...

...and if it doesn't then I will have experienced 3 months on an alcohol-free; gluten-free; sugar-free, vegetable-rich diet - that can't be a bad thing. ..

I'd be interested to hear your own experiences with Candida in relation to HHD and other illnesses, including ones connected with the thyroid hormones

Robin :-)

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Update on my progress: I think the source of my problem is actually Topical Steroid Withdrawal. I am coming to realise that all of my symptoms stem from inadvertently poisoning my body for the last 20 years with steroid creams! I am going through the severe and very real 'Withdrawal' from Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) at the moment, but feel more in control of my health than ever!... I'm going to try to start a Health Unlocked Topical Steroid Withdrawal group...


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