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Panic I have an appointment tomorrow morning to review FODMAPs with a dietician how can I make the most of this precious time?

I have been doing FODMAPs for about 10 weeks. Introduced some foods and surprised at what foods have affected me eg mangos, leeks and lentils. So it is a very useful ongoing exercise. I also went abroad three weeks ago kept to a gluten free diet and had no symptoms whatsover. When I returned home some symptoms reappeared notably the heartburn and some others. I understand that stress is a contributory factor in GERD but I don't want this to dominate the consultation tomorrow.

Sorry for the late question but I would really appreciate advice in how to use this appointment constructively instead of feeling disappointed. Especially as I get all muddled up when trying to explain things. I have kept a diary of food intake and symptoms to produce. FYI I am gluten intolerant not CD.

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I usually write down everything I want to say beforehand. Good luck with your appointment.


Thank you Penel. I have quite a long script now! I think it is really important to get the maximum amount of benefit from these appointments. For some reason I get institutionalised as soon as I step over the threshold of a hospital or doctor's surgery and become a different person altogether. And then I get cross with myself as I haven't asked the right questions. Ridiculous really at my age.


It was so helpful to have that advice Penel. I had a really good discussion with the dietician based on my questions. Although I knew that I should write things down beforehand in my panic it just didn't occur to me to do it! Thank you!


Glad to hear it went well. I know what you mean about becoming a new person when you walk into a doctor's room, I some times feel I've left my brain outside!


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