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Before being diagnosed a year ago one of my symptoms was hand cramps during the night. When I stopped eating gluten they disappeared. During the last month some other foods seem to be causing me problems ie tomatoes and apples. I ate an apple on two occasions this week and after the second one I had a reaction. But curiously have had cramps in my hand at night since then. Last night it was not as bad - it is getting better. These cramps remind me so much of those I got last year. I can't remember getting any leg cramps. So two questions:

1. Has anybody else had hand cramps? I know leg cramps are associated with gluten but I have been eating any.

2. Bearing in mind I have been doing FODMAPS and avoid the dodgy food eliminated why should I suddenly start to react to new foods?

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  • Hi Urbangirl.

    Is your new diet putting you at risk of being deficient in some of the vitamins?

    I used to get a lot of cramp in my feet and legs. It cleared up once I started having B12 injections.

    It's just a thought...

  • I have carpal tunnel in both hands - it rarely flares now I am gluten free but as soon as I eat something with gluten inadvertantly its the first symptom as are cramps in my side. For me cramp anywhere is a first symptom.

  • Interesting,Cott97. |I have been ill during the last 12 hours and had cramps in my feet++. I don't know what I ate that set me off - possibly 1 date from an okay shop. It has not been fun. I do get cramps at Pilates and swimming but I think this is largely due to being cold and quite different.

  • I must be the only person who ever had to be rescued by a lifeguard during a water exercise session! I have always had cramp in my feet but over the years its spread everywhere - the upper side one is excruciating and usually lasts 30 mins. :( until I cut out gluten I had always put it down to the cold, being like my dad, etc but from more than one attack a day I now get them so infrequently I can tie it back to food. I think that I probably get cramp as often as "normal" people. Rice can also trigger it for me particularly if I'm run down- I'm thinking that perhaps carbohydrates in general can set cramp off for me.

  • I will monitor the times that I get cramp now in relation to what I eat. And I will bear in mind what you say about carbohydrates.

  • Good luck, hope it works for you - cramp is just so painful

  • hand cramps can happen if your blood salts (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium etc) are a bit awry. Sometimes tonic water (quinine) helps..

  • Thanks Weee - I do drink quite a bit of tonic water but usually with gin! Do you think that matters?

  • God no, in fact I think its compulsory.. :)

  • ;) I'll start now then! As a precautionary measure.

  • very wise.. Also, it came to my mind, sometimes if we are retaining any fluid at all we get something called carpal tunnel syndrome. It's fairly common in pregnant women.. This can cause hand cramps.. Might be worth mentioning to your Dr..

  • Yeah that thought has crossed my mind. Also, I work on a computer and that could have an influence too. But the cramps have gone again, apart from last night in the swimming pool.

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