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This isn't a question, just a reminder of how easily 'accidents' happen!

My Partner Glutened me last night!

We were all settled, curled up on the sofa ready to watch a film on tv when my fella decided to get some drinks & nibbles for us. With Christmas approaching, we had been stocking up on the nibbly items, the Coeliac friendly, as well as the ones the rest of the family like to nibble on. My favourite being mixed fruit & nuts. As an extra treat..I'd managed to find some gluten free honey roasted cashew nuts. So when my fella reappeared with a glass of Baileys & a bowl of nuts, I didn't think to check which nuts he's added to the mix.

About half an hour into the film, I became aware I was feeling rather 'windy', we'd had our Sunday lunch with 5 different veg- guess who's still struggling with anaemia- so didn't think to question why I was feeling bloated.

Then the shivers set in, it wasn't until I'd broken out in what I'd 1st thought was a bad 'hot flush' followed quickly by a cold clammy sweat & then by a combination of Asthma attacks & vomiting , that realisation set in. I had been Glutened!

Turns out my daughter had opened a packet of dry roasted, left a few in the packet & not wanting them to go to waste, my fella added them to the mix!

So this Christmas/ Holiday time

Be careful of the Nuts that come your way!

; )

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Hiya Tony62... Unfortunately this is the 'norm' for me.. I had 18 months of very nasty experiences prior to diagnosis in 2005. Many of them far worse than my Sunday evening glutening.

On those occasions, it would have meant paramedic involvement at home, a few too many 'blue light' dashes by ambulance to our nearest A&E dept, being nebulised along the way..sometimes also needing time spent in Resussitation, admission & days on combination of Prednisolone(oral steriod) oxygen and antibiotics. For some weird reason, I also 'fill up' with catarrh?

The usual chain of reaction/taste/sensations are:-

Metallic taste in my mouth, quickly followed by a tight sensation in my


Chest becomes 'tight' & develope a tickly cough.

Get an acidic burning sensation- almost like a reflux in reverse- that

spreads from my mouth/throat-down to my stomach.

Severe stomach cramps & IBS type bowel spasms.

Have combination of being cold/shivery-Hot flush type feeling that

then makes me break out in a sweat/feel clammy all over.

A tight/burning sensation, in the middle of my back- at bra

fastening level.

Cough gets worse, become wheezy & that inturn leads to a full

blown Asthma attack.

I am never without my inhalers(3 in all) plus Volumatic.

Chest clinic Consultant told me to use inhalers as normal

If that doesn't relieve/improve situation-load volumatic with

12 blasts of Ventolin & use as normal.

Will act the same as a nebuliser.

Vomiting & diarrhoea follow at worst, at the same time.

Or very soon after.

Think the 'only' reason the symptoms don't last as long or are as severe

Is the fact I'm am on a gluten free diet.

So it they only occur now, if there are accidents like on Sunday.

Or in the case of a cross contamination incident.

So there will only be a small amount of gluten involved.

The Asthma is generally better controlled, on daily preventative medication. The doses of which, I can increase in the event I develop a cold etc.

Have annual (September/October time) Flu/Swine jabs.

See a Asthma clinic Nurse twice yearly.

Have had an Asthma action plan in place for a number of years.

In which, my Consultant decided at what stage, I needed to do things.

What to do, if that doesn't work.

So this makes it less scary for family members to witness & for me to deal with.

It was only in early 2004, that I developed Severe Asthma, I was 43

Prior to that from my early 30's on. I had a Ventolin inhaler given to me after a number of heavy colds, that had left me wheezy on odd occasions. Mostly excercise induced, so only used on a prn- as required basis.

Sorry to have waffled on again, but didn't want there to be any confusion as to Sunday's episode. It was a situation I had experienced more times than I like. I 'listen' to my body. So can deal calmly with what happens.

Knowing that once, whatever it was, is passed(!)

So too, shall it pass!

: D



Symptoms sound like classic allergy symptoms so you may be allergic in addition to Coeliac Disease.

You may want to ask about having an epi-pen if you don't have one already as throat closing reactions can be a sign of anaphylactic reactions which can be more serious.

Asthma and allergies seem closely linked. I had severe childhood asthma which only disappeared once I cut down milk as a teenager. Subsequently discovered as an adult that I was allergic.


Sorry to hear you have had some experience of this type of reaction too. One of thr Drs I saw in A&E had said it was more like an allergic reaction, than an intolerance. But nothing has ever been done to investigate it further ever since the CD diagnosis. The fact they only happen now when there has been a mistake made/ cross contamination. As on a strict gf diet & have reduced in severity. To me just confirms it is all part of the coeliacs & the way gluten, even in tiny quantities, effects me,


P.s- have to avoid Piriton, as it makes me too drowsy Tend to have loretadine instead- think that's the drug name for clariton.


Would agree, for that speed and nature of reaction sounds more like an allergic reaction or maybe gastritis.

The symptoms are not "classic" coeliac although to be fair one thing i've learned from this forum is that symptoms seem to be quite wide ranging!

Good advice though, so easy to be glutened by something so simple.


Hiya meanioni, I'v done my waffly bit in a reply to Tony62, but know you can get to see it too.

It does seem that there are many different ways that our coeliacs makes itself known to us all.

Guess I must just have drawn the short straw, again!



Hi Carona and at least you haven't lost your sense of humour so good for you, I laughed at: Be careful of the Nuts that come your way!

So nice one and I hope that you feel better soon



Hi Jerry, thanks for the well wishes.. I am back to normal (?) today. Just know those that know me, would querry that..lol..

Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday to you & yours. Hope it is a 'blip' free one for all of us.



It does sound rather quick. I had to go through a gluten challenge after being gluten free. It took a couple of days for the effects of the gluten to kick in and make me ill. I was really eating it by the ton at every meal, in order to get either a positive or negative endoscopy test.

Do you think the combination of so many ingested items might have been too much for your poor tum? [I would have managed a good impersonation of the Exorcist after roast lunch/5 veg/Baileys and snacks.;-)]


Hiya Jacks, know my reaction time is rather 'quick'. Unfortunately it has to be seen to be believed.

Tested myself in a state of denial, I guess. It was a few months in, after going gluten free. Had done the weekly shop in Asda, gone past the bakery in there a few times..just goading myself. Picked up one of their still warm from the oven multi seeded loaves. Threw some butter in the trolly, & made a dash for the checkout. Even thinking to wrap the bread in the tin foil I'd got in the trolly, once I'd paid. To keep the bread warm until I got home.

Made myself a brew, cut a lovely doorstep slice, spread with butter & strawberry jam. Throughly enjoyed it for all of ten minutes.. then lost the rest of the day. Sat on the loo with a disinfected bathroom bin, clutched close to me. The inhaler collection within reach, as was my mobile.

Had a- never again will I doubt the diagnosis- moment!

Don't mean to gross you all out, but unlike the child in the Exorcist... it has never been 'green'.



Sorry to hear about that, but its so good to hear that someone else reacts the same way as me! I have Celiac disease, but I have a true wheat allergy! I react the same way as you to wheat, with problems breathing, sudden low blood pressure, fainting, hives....you name it..even the wheezing sets in and asthma...I have had anaphalactic shock in the past with it (fortunately i was on holiday near the Naval hospital). I wear a medi band to warn people of my problems just in case it happens and I can't explain to them what might be wrong. Other glutens I react with the usual upset tummy, feeling sick, runs etc but the wheat allergy is quick and scary. To be honest I am very sensitive and find I even react to Baileys and things with tiny amounts of malt, grains or other things in¬! I have even reacted standing just outside a bakery door...the fans were blowing the flour particles in the air from the ovens!


Hi Sappho, as you said, it was a relief to hear that someone else reacts the same as me! There are a lot of folks, former work colleagues, fellow Coeliacs & some medical staff, who just don't seem to believe that even with minor cross contamination we can end up with such a severe reaction.

Always end up feeling really run down afterwards. So does make you wonder what effect being 'glutened' has on our immune system.

Currently asthma didn't settle down after last Sunday's mishap. Since then the flare up hasn't settled & my peak flo has dropped. Despite stepping up dose of my 'preventative' steroid inhalers. Having to head off to the health authority drop in centre. Feel flu'y, sore throat suspected ear infection too.

Deep joy, don't you just love Christmas, special occasions & holidays! As always end up run down, then poorly.

One thing though, at least I don't get stuck with the pots!



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