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How often do you or your child have Coeliac Health checks at hospital?

We've noticed that not many of you have entered our hospital survey. This might be because you're all such busy people - but we also got to thinking...could it be because after treatment for Coeliacs is so varied? Is it because many of you or your children aren't under the care of a hospital team?

So please tell us if:

a) you do have hospital check ups

b) how often these are

c) anything else you'd like to comment on related to them


GFG Team

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Did you know that out of all our Hospital reviews by members so far not one would recommend their Hospital to a friend for Coeliac Disease treatment!?

Have your say and promote the good or the the bad hospitals. Here's one result:


I have a review every 2 years os so with my Gastro Specialist. This includes colonoscopy and Gastroscopy. But I am refractory type 1


I got diagnosed in October 2009.

Early 2010 I visited hospital again three times:

1. Gasto for follow up meeting. (hello, how are you, goodbye)

2. Dietician (hello, do you know about Coeliac UK, goodbye)

3. Dexa scan (the results didn't appear until 10 weeks later, after I had pestered my local gp for them)

Shortly after that, care was handed over to my GP as the gastro was overloaded.

Got another visit to a dietician later in 2010 (hello, do you have any questions, goodbye, see you next year maybe)

GP not really interested in Coeliac; more interested in treating the high blood pressure I now had.


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