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Can you take prescription foods abroad?


Going on holiday in May to Lanzarote..flying with Jet2.

Does anyone know if you can take bread/crackers with you and could it go in hand luggage or would it have to be in the hold?

I'm sure that there will be things that I can eat in Lanzarote but I just feel so nervous because I am sooooo fussy when it comes to food.

I have seen on the Jet2 website that they do not provide gluten free foods so I was hoping to take a packed lunch on board does anyone know if this is possible?

I did try to phone them but it £1.04 per minute which I don't fancy paying!

Thanks in advance


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I take a case full of bread pasta and crackers with me on holiday to Tenerife I have never had problems I find it hard to buy bread Juvela in Tenerife


Most airline carriers will allow extra baggage allowance for medical supplies if you contact them.I have never had a problem, at the moment I am in Turkey on a tour staying at four different Hotels no problems so far and food is not a big issue.


A packed lunch will be fine to take on board as long as its not got any liquids e.g. Soup. You could have something that is liquid but it would have to be 100ml or less and be taken through security in a clear plastic bag.

The rule I was told by an airline was that no food should be taken off the plane once you land, so if you have left-overs you should throw them in the bin on the plane. But I've never been stopped and searched/checked when getting off the plane in Spain, France, Greece or Cyprus - I think they are quite relaxed about it! But i know there are other countries that would be bothered, I think Australia and New Zealand are and regularly stop and search the bags of people arriving.

You should be fine - have a great holiday!


When travelling in Europe, i have never had a problem taking my own food onto a plane both to eat and use whilst travelling when not taking hold luggage. I do slightly grudge the baggage size restrictions though as it makes it difficult to travel light and cheap.

In Australia everything i had taken with me was taken away, but they have shops there (!) and good gluten free foods, so that wasn't really a problem, just a waste.


The foods that seem to cause a problem with customs on the way in to other countries seem to be things that are fresh and were growing recently, such as fruit, meat and milk. Stuff that has been processed, cooked and packaged seems to be much less of a problem, and I think bread would fall into that category. Probably best to check the customs regulations of the country you are travelling to.


Ive just returned from Israel on jet 2 and had no problems carrying my own food which included a packed lunch.


I arrived in December and brought 16 loaves of Juvela gluten free bread in hand luggage with not problem bring it over every year, you cannot get juvela in Canary Islands but they do sell gluten free bread in large supermarkets (not as good as juvela bring your own)


Thank you everyone. .I feel much more at ease now!

Thanks again



Hi roo i know if they have a chemist sticker with your name on you should be ok, i had a similiar problem when the liquid ban was in affect as i have to use a special lotion when in the sun else end up looking like got chicken pox they were going to make me bin it till they saw the label because it was an half litre bottle,


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