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Convenience foods/online purchases

After reading the post about horsemeat, it really does make you question the sources of the food you buy in the supermarket.

I watched that TV series about Jimmy Vs. Tesco and watching it, it was a real education on the veal front, I wrongly assumed that all veal was related to poor treatment of young animals. I 'googled' it afterwards and was not surprised that only 2 supermarkets sold veal. One was Waitrose and they labelled all theirs as British produce, whereas the obvious one didn't list the origin....

More importantly, after seeing the programme, I was looking for English Rose Veal as I feel that's something I would like to support/buy. That's when I came across 'Look What We Found' and was chuffed to bits they did a load of stuff GF. They aim their products at outdoorsy people so the food is reasonably long-life and they label where their meat is sourced etc. It takes minutes to heat up one of their pouches AND they taste good.

They do sell a limited range in a few supermarkets but I used their website as £5 off first order, no shipping if spending over £40 - my husband calls it my petfood ;) I love it though, great I can eat something within minutes of walking in the door that is healthy and pretty ethical.

I also fell in love with Honeybuns, they're based at a farm in Devon. Their cakes and biscuits are GF (except for the flapjacks) and delicious. More importantly, virtually all of them freeze so I just grab one out the freezer each morning before work for my lunchtime treat :) Oh, and they deliver really quickly too. I had a honeyed apple cookie this morning, I think it's my new favourite!

Can anyone recommend similar? I'm sure there's got to be other companies out there that we rely upon. (I'm very pro online shopping right now as I can't walk any bloomin' distance!)

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We're big fans of online shopping too. Most of the big supermarkets also tag the products so you can search for 'gluten free' . However they do make mistakes so you need to take care.

Look What We Found have some innovative products and have their Chilli Con Carne and a packet of ready rice have provided many a work lunch for us!

Take a look at our Pinterest board for further items.

Also Coeliac in The City have a web suppliers board that you might find useful:


Thanks for those links Irene, some really interesting ones I'm going to chase up on.

I'm on a very limited budget and don't get GF prescriptions so am an avid online bargain shopper. I've actually found Amazon do a few good GF bargains, especially on their Subscribe and Save deals. Really good for breakfast cereals, flours, pastas etc. I find buying from them in bulk amount saves me loads..

I've just used Real Foods online. They have some very good deals too and a very wide selection of GF ingredients. Only setback was delivery was a tiny bit bit slow.


Thank you, I will check out those links too.

I had the LWWF hotpot the other night, so good, difficult to believe it was out of a pouch :)


Droppa and Droppa do fantastic GF breads, pasties and cakes. They are an online bakery in the South West and supply their food frozen.


thank you, I will look them up :)


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