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Helpvine : Ask a question & debate

Helpvine : Ask a question & debate

Hi All,

We've decided to make the Helpvine section (AKA the question & answer session) open to everyone. So this means that anyone can ask a question within the group and anyone can answer a question. We'll still have resident Volunteers who are members that have chosen to answer as they have a passion for a certain topic or certain knowledge to share. We'll also still be able to moderate and monitor answers (so continue to keep them clean and on topic - Ta !).

What we hope this means is that it will encourage greater debate and questions from you. There's a few unanswered questions - so join in the discussion on the Helpvine (just click on the question mark symbol).

If you've been saving up a question that you think is silly - don't by shy - dive in and ask away today!

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There's some interesting comments & questions on:

- Prescription food - what if it was cut for Coeliacs, how would it affect you?

- Refractory Coeliac Disease - have you been tested for this - what was the outcome, what's your experience?

So pop over onto Helpvine and add your comments!


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