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Also IgG & IgA (used for CD investigation)

This worth a read :

Conclusion : Our results show that inhalation of aerosolized allergen generates long-lived allergen-specific IgG(1)-secreting, IgA-secreting, and IgE-secreting plasma cells that survive cytostatic treatment.

First blood test being IgA, IgA & IgG are part of the coeliac screen in bloods, now more confusion.

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I dont know if I have misunderstood this but as a child I had really bad hay fever and asthma. So in my teenage years I was given a course of vaccines every week for a few months of ever increasing amounts of whatever it was I was supposed to be allergic to. I used to get extremely fatigued after each one with a local hot swollen arm. Needless to say they didnt work and in actual fact I think they made me worse.

Some years later in my early 20's (this was in the 1970"s) the Hospital Allergy Clinic did some blood tests and I remember a Doctor acting really surprised and saying to me we cant find any antibodies, which was strange given the vaccines. He then asked if they could take some blood because a friend of his was doing some experiments with food testing as well as other allergies and would I be prepared to take it to his lab in Hampstead I think it was. I did and when I got the results back I was told that I was allergic to wheat, cows milk, cheese, and a whole list of things and was promptly sent to a dietician. I tried the exclusion diet but in those days it was almost impossible with none of the conveniences we have now and was a case of what I could eat rather than what I could not, so I gave up.

Strange how now I have 4 autoimmune conditions and one of them concerns gluten. Whats even more strange is that I am stubbornly seronegative for most except Thyroid antibodies. Very interesting - if I have the connection correct.


An interesting article, pretender. I guess it shows that various problems with the immune system will give the same or similar blood test results. So you need a biopsy to confirm coeliac. The blood test for ankylosing spondylitis has similar result. Presumably some of the same genes must be affected?


This article explains it better than I can...


pretender, can you be a bit more explicit about what you think this shows? I'm not normally this slow to pick up on things, but perhaps I'm having a "stupid" day... I'd appreciate it.


On my current bout of Coeliac Disease my first blood test was IgA, a follow up blood test was for IgA & IgG plus others.

IgA & IgG also being used for Allergies which Coeliac Disease is not an allergy.

My IgA was positive and apart from CD I also have a Formaldehyde Allergy so it was really the endoscopy result of reduced folds,d2 that really confirmed my CD.


Ig tests look for antibodies, which can be a reaction to autoimmune disease or to allergies.


So is there an opposite side to this? Is it possible that if you haven't had an ALLERGIC reaction to wheat or gluten (or perhaps ANY allergen) in childhood then you may show negative IgA and IgG tests for coeliac later in life, even although you may have the condition? Does this have bigger ramifications that the IgA and IgG tests might not really be proving coeliac at all, but simply registering you once had an allergic reaction to either wheat, gluten, grains or something as wildly variant as latex? Or am I completely barking up the wrong tree here? (It's late and I have a crappy cold!)


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