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Mystery gut problems

Does any know what was wrong with Darren Fletcher, the Manchester United footballer, who a year ago looked like death warmed up and is now back playing in the first team. He was described in my paper as having a "debilitating bowel problem".

Likewise Novak Djokovic, the world number one tennis player, had a gluten problem, changed his diet and the problem is now resolved.

Solutions for these people, who no doubt find the very best treatments, are available.

They put tremendous demands on their bodies so they have to be sure that any solution they find is the right one.

For the rest of us those same treatments are presumably available, but how to find them??? My daughter tried a strict gluten free diet several years ago because she was allergic to gluten and corn, but it made no difference for her, so she abandoned it. She has now had tests for coeliac which came back normal.

I just wonder how we find someone who can actually help.

Jane x

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Hi Janeb

This article may be of interest to you.

Hope it helps!


Few years back diagnosed coeliac, now seem to be reacting to corn as get discomfort in abdomen. Reacted to trying bread after couple hours with wretching.


Crohns? Think someone must have told me sometime. He's also taking medication.


Actually it is ulcerative colitis - just done the Google I should have done firstly! Sorry.


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