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Changes to PCTs and NHS

The UK Government cuts and restructuring are now biting at the NHS. As the BBC reports today,

'The government has confirmed it is to push ahead with big structural changes to the NHS in England. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said the reform agenda was "on track" following a public consultation, despite concerns from health unions.Primary Care Trusts are to be abolished by 2013, when GPs will plan hospital care and manage budgets to pay for it.In the Commons, the Labour leader Ed Miliband condemned the moves.'

In real terms the change will alter how many GP practices manage their budgets and services for patients. We know from our Facebook page that many Coeliac patients were struck off GP's books pre diagnosis due to having too many visits to the surgery and costing too much.

So are the changes good news for Coeliac patients? With the Primacy Care Trusts (PCTs) being axed will their be any strategic overview of care and standardization of drugs and process? Will GPs be able to manage the budgets and devise patient led groups?

'PCTs are local organisations which control 80% of the NHS budget and are responsible for providing services such as hospitals, dentists and opticians. All 151 in England are set to be scrapped, along with the next tier of organisation, the Strategic Health Authorities - 10 of which operate at a regional level.

In future, the bulk of the NHS budget will be allocated to GPs working in consortia across the country.

Around 50 GP consortia have signed up as "pathfinders" to manage their local budgets and commission services for patients.' BBC Article

Do you agree with the quote below in this article from NHS London?

'Welcoming the announcement, Ruth Carnall, Chief Executive of NHS London said:

“Primary care staff and especially GPs are better placed than many to know what is best for their patients. There are many GPs who are ready to take up the challenge of commissioning health services in London and will follow the example set by our first eight pathfinders.This year in a survey by Ipsos MORI, four out of five people in London said their local NHS provided them with a good service. Our priority is raise this further and to make sure all Londoners receive the high standards of care all of the time. Londoners deserve nothing less.”

Or do you think this gets rid of layers of red tape and that it will free up your GP to respond well to the needs of the local community?

Have you begun to experience any cuts at the frontline? Are GPs less keen to refer you for secondary treatment at hospital for any other Coeliac related conditions? Have you had problems ordering your prescription food? Join in the discussion on here.

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