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Bloating & CD

I've been diagnosed for over a year now but I'm still experiencing crazy bloating. I don't drink fizzy drinks, mainly have Peppermint tea and rarely have microwavable meals. I also find that tomato's still give me a bad stomach when they're in the form of sauces such as baked beans and pasta bake sauces. If I eat meat it gives me terrible wind.

I'm at the end of my tether! Has anyone else experienced something similar? Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could try?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Mel, this is sad reading bit it is far from uncommon, so here's a few ideas, firstly do you eat oats? oats even pure oats do contain a gluten but in pure oats it is comparable to the amount of gluten in codex products, so if you eat oats I'd cut them out. And I'd also avoid lactose until your gut recovers. Some members have issues with codex wheat in prescription foods and these coeliac also have to avoid many artificial sugars which are wheat derivatives and many of us eat meals made with freshly prepared fruit and vegetables and meat if we eat meat. This is also much more nutritious than eating most processed foods, it is harder but those of us who have adopted this life style wouldn't go back. Also many of the supermarket free from foods are just substitute foods and are packed with fats and sugars and additives so are not a healthy option as is implied by their name and many members have issues with some of them. And I wouldn't touch breakfast cereals that have barley malt added but are within codex. I've like many others have never been able to tolerate them.

In my opinion you would benefit from going on an elimination diet and keeping a food diary so that as you introduce new foods you have them logged, it is a very good idea to do with the support of a nutritionist so that you have a balanced diet. Here's a link about how to go about this, please see:

Also speaking from my personal experience and from reading others experiences many of 'us' have to be careful with what we eat, so you are not alone.

It would be a good idea to get your GP to refer you back to the Gastroenterologist as they have seen it all before.

And good luck and do let us know how you get on as we all hope that you feel better soon.



Thank you for your reply Jerry, in fact I was accidentally 'glutened' today with my evening meal by sweet chilli sauce. It never ends! I've got a heated cherry stone bag to ease my tummy pain at the moment.

Although I'm a member of Coeliac UK and have their book on foods that should be safe, I found I had a bad reaction to supermarket own brand cereals that are meant to be below 20 ppm of gluten. I only eat Doves Farm gluten free cereal flakes, never been brave enough to go back to oats since I was diagnosed!

I'm going to take stock and try some different meals with cutting out certain foods like you suggested and I will report back soon. Thank you for your thoughtful reply.



Hi Mel

I can't eat tomato sauce either, and also have to avoid most of the rest of the nightshade family, aubergine, peppers etc. I can tolerate a little potato.

Are you affected by all meat, or meat cooked in a particular way?

As Jerry has said, you may need to turn detective to work out what you can and can't eat. Unfortunately, with a damaged gut you can have problems with more than gluten. Sometimes the "extra" problems go away, sometimes they don't.

Perhaps try some probiotics to help with your gut recovery?

Good luck with sorting this out.


Thanks for your reply Penel.

I find it's meat cooked in whatever way, it can be so embarrassing. I'm just very lucky to have such a supportive fiancé!

I think I will have a go at an elimination diet and find out what the culprit is, it seems to be the only way in this case. I tried contacting the dietician I saw when I was first diagnosed but she never got back in touch with me.


Oh dear. Sounds really familiar. Got my gluten levels back almost to normal two years after CD diagnosis but still had similar symptoms - especially bloating and wind but also cramps, palpitations, itching and insomnia within about three hours of eating. After two years of eliminating various things it seems to be the nightshades (solananceae) that cause the problem for me - especially potatoes and even very small amounts of paprika although small amounts of tomato are ok. GP and consultant are now describing it as IBS triggered by nightshades. So it means even less foods to choose from but it is definitely worth it. Have a look at the nightshade survival guide at - it's a good overview. Might be worth a try. Although I agree with the others who have replied - there are unfortunately lots of potential triggers out there.

Hope you find the answer soon. Sandra


Hi Sandra, thanks for replying.

I'm glad to know that other people have problems with the nightshade family, but said that we all have this issue with it!

I'm definitely going to give this elimination diet a go, it's worth a shot to find the culprit.


Hi Mel, you could try giving up the peppermint tea. from experience I've tried a variety of teas and had stomach problems. Try drinking plain boiled water cooled down with a slice of fresh lemon in the morning and a glass of warm boiled water before you go to bed. This works wonders for the stomach. Also give up the pre cooked meals. (No good if you have a Gluten intolerance). All the hidden fats&sugars. Go for fresh food all the time.

It's ok to drink plain tea and coffee but give up the flavored teas just to see if you feel better. Also you probably know that lots soft drinks without the fizz have barley in them so not to drink them either.

TRY THE BOILED WATER. Let us know how you get on


Hi Towels,

Thank you for the reply. I will try cutting out the Peppermint tea and see if that makes a difference. I've just sent my fiancé off to get me some fresh lemons as I type this, I've had an episode of accidental glutening. :(

I will let you know how I get on with the plain boiled water. Thanks for your advice.


Do you have Dairy products? I felt as though my stomach was going round like a washing machine all the time and very uncomfortable. Then I had a rice pudding one day and had the most awful stomach pain. I changed to Almond milk and cut out dairy and the symptoms went away. Hope this might help.


Hi calijo, thank you for replying.

I do have dairy but I find it doesn't affect me too badly when I have more on a certain day than others. I drink tea with a small amount of milk, i have milk with my cereal and sometimes I have cheese on pasta or pizza. I guess it's something I can include in my elimination diet!


I am afraid it is an ongoing battle to make sure we are eating the right thing. Good luck. Hope you will soon feel better.


If you are finding you pass a lot of wind, especially smell stuff it's going to be either something wrong with your bowel, an incomplete breakdown of foods or an intolerance - like lactose.

On this site we've tried things like food combining (worth a try) and good probotics - the ones you keep in the fridge. The latter help me enormously.

And as well as noting the effect of foods it's worth remembering that other things cause wind - artificial sweeteners, chewing gum, using a straw, gulping air when eating.


If it's any help ,I have found that if I use normal milk in the morning it causes problems like wind and been griped up but lactose free is ok. Odd thing is latter in day am fine? Good luck and don't despair you will get there in the end


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