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My daughter (32) with partly resolved thyroid problems has seen the return of eczema on one of her hands. It is working it's way in an angry red line across the back of her hand from wrist to fingers. Some years ago before the diagnosis of hypothyroidism (privately - not on the NHS) she had VERY bad, painful eczema on the palms of both hands. This was relieved once she started taking thyroid replacement. She has had various allergy tests and is very allergic to gluten and corn as well as sensitive to other foods. Despite careful dieting to avoid these foods the eczema is still there. She has had negative coeliac test (full range), but we have learnt that eczema on the hands can often be a symptom of coeliac disease.

Does anyone have any thoughts please on how to relieve this problem? Thank you. Jane

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Hi Jane, Years ago I read a book that told of how a nutritionist cured eczema. She advised that people who get eczema are usually short of essential fats in their diet. The reading of a young boy taking in vast quantities and the eczema consequently disappearing after a few weeks has always remained with me (I have never forgotten it!). I'm not suggesting that you go down the same route but the following makes an interesting observation - it is about a mother who cures her two sons from eczema with a few simple adjustments of natural herbs and oils:


Also meant to add the following, Jane .. This website has the following article which might be of interest to you:

Wanted to share my story here about cod liver oil. I'm a 37 year old male who has suffered from severe eczema for 27 years. I have a rare form of dishydrotic eczema that causes bubbles of serum to form on my skin. Very very painful. I have been on immune suppressing drugs for 17 years. These are serious chemo therapy drugs used by transplant patients.

My education background is a PhD in microbiology and immunology from the university of Oklahoma. I say this because I have been researching eczema treatments for a very long time. I put off trying cod liver oil because I believed it to be quackery. I wish I had not been so closed minded and tried it a long time ago. It's been 3 months now and I am completely off all medications since starting the cod liver oil. My skin is completely cleared up and this is the first complete remission I have had in 17 years. I have been able to exercise because of this and that has allowed me to lose 20 pounds.

Cod liver oil makes my skin feel so wonderful. I can shave without creating horrible rashes on my face, roll in the grass with my children, play in the sun, ect, etc.

I personally researched the safest brands to use and I recommend using one that has been tested by an independent 3rd party. Give it a try and give it some time to work.


Thank you very much for your replies. They are very helpful. Jane


Janeb - This sounds like it could be contact related problem. Get your daughter to see her GP and request an appointment with a dermatologist who can advise in full and diagnose what the cause / solution is.


Thanks Fiona. She saw a dermatologist some years ago and he wasn't interested. Sent her away with a large bottle of disgusting greasy goop which was useless. I think it's something systemic - she also now has acne (at 32) - never had it before.

Jane x


I have suffered eczema for years, in a very private place, when I was a child I was dairy free and have recently returned to being dairy free, after a flair of eczma again. within three days the eczema had gone No medication fom the doctor just cut out all daily products. Its worth a try xx


My daughter is also 32 and also has eczema. As a baby, she had colic and awful

nappy rash, there wasn't much advice about at the time, so she suffered dreadfully.

In addition, tummy/abdominal pain and sinus pain seem to point in the direction of

some kind of allergy, she has had sinus's investigated but no allergy testing. At

the moment eczema is active on her eyelids, and she puts elastoplast on her hands

when the skin is broken. She gets little relief from creams prescribed by the GP.

Her weight has also become a problem, dieting produces little effect.


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