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Dermatitis herpetiformis or eczema on 4yr old?

Hello, I'm new to this site and was wondering if anyone has any experience of dermatitis herpepetiformis in children? My daughter is 4 years old and doesn't have a diagnosis but we are seeing a dermatologist tomorrow.

About a year back she started with what we thought was eczema on the inside of her elbows. This gradually got worse despite trying all the GPs creams. Throughout the last year she has also had flare ups of chicken pox type spots, initially round her hips but now across the backs of her shoulders, stomach and all around her arms. Her nursery call me frequently to say she has chicken pox!

I've taken her to the GP at least 5 times with the spots, they have said yes chicken pox despite having it previously, bites, and they don't know but she seems healthy!

She has recently had the wet wrap bandages on for her eczema but it doesn't seem to help other than stopping her scratching. She had her tonsils out in April and I had thought it was all linked to her tonsils but obviously not.

I don't like to self diagnose but don't always trust the doctors. I've read that DH is rare in children so not sure that it is but would be grateful for any thoughts? When the 'eczema' flares up it looks like large scald marks on her arms, as these dry out the spots over various parts follow.

Thanks and sorry for the long question!

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There have been some discussions on this before. Hope this helps.



Consider Field Control Therapy (FCT) Twitter @onetruehealth.

Eczema and the like and other complications stem from the lymphatic system. FCT can clear this. Keep in mind that vaccinations contain inorganic mercury, and has been linked to autism and childhood illnesses. FCT can address this as well with very good results.




I know some-one who changed from cow's milk to soya and that really worked for her.


Hi, thanks for your replies. We went dairy free about 4 months back to see if that would help and although I thought it was we'd then get a flare up so I'm just not sure.

We saw the dermatologist this morning and she said it isn't presenting itself as eczema but she would like to treat her for that first to eliminate it, we have new cream and instructions to start back on dairy so I'm going to start dairy and then if no reactions start the new cream.

She said if this didn't solve it she would refer us to a dermatologist she knows at great or and street who is very good. I was about to ask if she thought it may be DH when she said she initially thought DH but as I said the itching isn't driving her mad she doesn't think it is.

Thanks again.


Hello summer01. I hope I can help you. I am a coeliac and suffer with DH.

I was getting break outs like chicken pox spots very itchy on my buttocks and the back of my shoulders. I was going to my doctor for years with this condition, he gave me steroid creams a few times but this wasn't good enough as I needed to find out what the problem was. One day I went to the Doctors surgery and saw a new lady doctor who looked at me and said I know what that is its DH and asked me if I had a gluten allergy. She then referred me to the hospital to see a dermatologist, I had a biopsy while the itchy spots were out so they could get a true diagnosis it didn't hurt just had 2 stitches in my buttock. When I got the result I was so pleased to have found out what the problem was. No gluten intake, No DH. I hope this information is helpful to you .


Thanks Towels, that's really helpful. The dermatologist said she wanted to eliminate eczema in the first instance as she doesn't want to put my daughter through the biopsy at this stage - I'm s she'd be fine but I guess I have to go with her advice as its the first time we've seen her. Luckily my daughter is covered under my healthcare so we went private and the dermatologist did say that she would refer her on to one of two dermatologists that she hunks can help.

She also asked if there are any autoimmune Problems in the family so she did seem to be taking it seriously.

I really don't want it to be DH but I know the ongoing spots aren't normal.

Thanks very much for your response.


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