Coeliac constipation; coeliac rash

Coeliac constipation; coeliac rash

The 1970's brought about extensive changes in our eating habits. It appeared that everyone chose to forget that we are the product of our animal forebears. Diets were pulled away from nature and the brainwashing of the 'fat-free' fads were pushed and shoved at everyone until there were very few in the medical profession, the media, or the public who believed any differently. It seems that it is far too easy to brainwash populations into believing anything - it just needs to be said enough times by people with authoritative backgrounds. People began to eat meat with fat trimmed completely off, spreads instead of butter, skimmed milk, fat-free yoghurt .. there were no end to the dramatic changes that the population made, fully believing that this was the way that humans should eat - after all we were no longer considered to be animals - Darwin's theory happened long, long ago!

During the 1970's my mother worked at the same place as a woman who changed her eating habits. No longer did she consume bread and butter or meat in its natural state. She had masses of salads and dry cripbreads - day after day, week after week, month after month .. after all this was what was being sold as a healthy way of eating. She began to suffer with the most dreadful constipation which got worse and worse as the weeks went on. One day she developed a rash which gradually spread all over her body. She tried everything and couldn't get rid of it - so she paid a visit to the doctor who was completely perplexed. I'll give him his due though because he asked her a lot of questions and eventually got down to what she was eating. He became very cross with her and pointed out that the reason for her rash and her severe constipation was due to lack of fat in her diet. He warned her that if she continued eating this way she would soon be eating no more as she would end up dead.

I have never forgotten this lady and thought it was quite extraordinary when I began reading various articles online about coeliacs - some being nearly always constipated and some getting skin rashes, dry patches, etc. Several thoughts were being raised about both of these conditions being caused through lack of natural fat in the diet. Fat is required for the body to process all of the fatty vitamins - these are Vitamin A, D, E and K. None of these vitamins can be processed and used by the body without fat and most certainly without fat the body will become short of them. Fat is also necessary in the daily requirement for motion in the bowels. In order to go to the toilet easily and regularly the body needs a certain amount of natural saturated fat otherwise constipation will occur even if a person has increased the amount of water that they drink by one extra pint per day and also eats six prunes per day - the body still requires fat.

For vegetarians this becomes quite a problem but they can find the right fat in coconut oil - this is a natural saturated fat that will not cause imbalance between Omega 6 and Omega 3.

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  • Just found quite an interesting piece on the SCD Lifestyle website for those who wish to read a little more on the subject of constipation, rashes, skin, food and fat and in addition according to this article - joint pain:

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