Celebrity coeliac

Celebrity coeliac

Many of you will remember Mari Wilson - her beehive hairstyle and sixties look and perhaps the song that many may hum when they here the quote 'Just what I've always wanted.'

Today Mari announced in the press that she has coeliac disease.


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  • If you're interesting in seeking our Celebs with confirmed CD, see our facebook gallery where we have a selection of Celebs facebook.com/media/set/?set...

  • Thanks for this Irene I didn't realise that there was a celebrity page linked to GFG .... we are certainly growing in numbers aren't we?.

    Thought I would check them out and was quite surprised at some of the faces I found there. So click, click, click and I found myself reading one or two stories about the various stars and somehow ended up seeing that The British Allergy Foundation was mentioned. I thought I would pass on the following information here and that is: they have now changed their name and for anyone wishing to find them or more information about allergies they now call themselves (at least on their website) Allergy UK and this is their link:


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