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Other foods that many coeliac have prob's with that are gf?

This is something that comes up time and time again. And these foods cause concern for many coeliac as it confuses the issue.

Genius bread comes in for a lot of flak and that seems to be because of its high fat content, also some coeliac have problems with xanthan gum and physilium husk. These are gums that replicate gluten and are very hydroscopic so that they absorb a lot of moisture and this is like roughage and physillium husk is used in colonic irrigation, it is a seed grown in Pakistan and used as a thickener there in may foods.

I have problems with fatty foods regardless of whether they are dairy or not so I have to be careful with rich foiods that have a high fat content, I seem OK with Genius bread but don't eat very much very often.

If I make a crumble with a fruit high in fructose and have it with cream then its like a laxative for me which's a shame as I love fruit crumbles with cream.

I have the worst trouble with palm oil and I really like these spreads like mushroom pate but they are like I have had an enaema, which's no fun. Palm oil is used in these pate's and in soap making as it sets firm.

I think that this could help coeliac who are still having trouble with their diet, so if anyone else wants to put what upsets them then please do, it does not mean that these foods are not suitable for all coeliac just that they have been flagged as problematic to some of us.

So here's the foods I have noticable problems with:

Palm oil, Rich foods high in fat, fruit high in fructose,

Millet and oats and I avoid codex wheat and traces of barley malt like in Branston type pickles and even marmite.

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Maybe Lactose?

When I first went on Gluten free diet,couldnt tolerate ANY milk products,except butter. Discovered via plain crisps,(gluten free,but containing lactose,) that it was the lactose that was the problem)

I have since heard thats quite a common problem.

However,once my guts healed,I gradually became able to tolerate dairy products again,and this got better and better (until of course,i accidentaly ate anything with gluten in!) The healing process took a long time though.

Also, things improved a lot,once I avoided anything with that dreaded codex wheatstarch in.

and I discovered that baking with "normal" flour, upset me-guess you breathe it in,and then swallow it....

Regardiing Phsillium,maybe it depens onwhether the person is generally used to fibre containig food?

I know my husband couldnt eat a whole apple,when we first met,without having a "tummy upset" his system simply wasnt used to any fibre!

now,he can eat anything,and as many apples* as he llikes,

(*he just kept eating apples,but less at a time,building up,as he got used to it.)


You are quite right many coeliac are intolerant to lactose initially but as their gut heals their lactose intolerance goes. This is because the enzyme lactate that breaks down lactose in our guts is produced at the tips of our villi, so if it is collapsed we don't produce it.


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