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Supermarket "own brand" shopping guide - check for GLUTEN FREE products you wish to buy:

No promises here, but I stumbled upon a site where you tick/click a box with any and every allergy you have including gluten on the type of grocery item you want. Click the bright green find it button and hey presto a printable list of all of the products in all of the supermarkets appears.

A little warning here: please double check when you go to the supermarket just to make sure that the item hasn't changed any of the ingredients since it was listed. Overall, I thought this would be a massive help to everyone - especially as it applies not just to main supermarkets but also to many of the smaller ones.

Here is the link:


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Thanks very much for this, I think it could be really useful.


I think it was lovely to find something that allows us to filter for so many different conditions. It was a useful stumble .. as I found it quite by chance. :)


Interestingly they list the ingredients and the allergy warning so for Kalo Honey flakes they say:

Branded Product: Free To Enjoy Honey Nut Flakes, 375g.

Produced by Kallo Food Ltd., Free to Enjoy is one of the leading brands on the supermarket's free from biscuit, snack and cereal shelves. Waiting to taste. These honey and nut flakes are gluten free.

Sugar: Red (33.9g per 100g)

Contains: Nuts

May Contain: Nut, Soya, Sesame Seed & Wheat traces

Free From: Gluten


A bit confusing as what coeliac want to pay 2.45 for a cereal that may contain traces of wheat which will contain...gluten!


Branded Product: Delicious Alchemy Rolled Oats, 450g.

Produced by Delicious Alchemy Ltd., Delicious Alchemy is found on the supermarket's cereal shelves. Waiting to taste. These rolled oats are gluten free. To be labelled gluten free the oats have to contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten - these rolled oat contain 5 parts per million.

And all oats contain avenins (oat gluten) So I wouldn't touch these with a barge pole, being a coeliac.

But at least we can have an idea of what we are buying before venturing out to the supermarket, so thanks for posting the list.


I couldn't believe that they actually listed the ingredients too - it makes it so much more useful .... I still think we need to be wise old owls and double check before we pick the items up - just in case any of the ingredients may have changed. Hopefully, that won't happen too many times. The site appears to be kept up-to-date quite well - so fingers crossed!!


feel that the absence of brands make chosing difficult at best. Asda tends to use brands for specialist items like alpro so only sainsburys came up with their own soya milk and aldi not at all (uses a brand). the absence of brands like warburtons or genius from the gluten free list would mean using the supermarket free froms which are awful and having to type in individual items to guess were the GF and dairy free products are is also the wrong way round. I think they need to do it the M&S way listing the products which are available and definitely expand to all products rather than just their own. Still it shows that they are making some effort towards helping us.


Hi Hazel, I believe the idea of the site is to provide a cheaper way of providing the weekly shop. I know it won't contain food items that many of us require or enjoy but I think it is a useful tool so that we can see the ingredients of items to make sure that they are safe before we set out on a shopping trip. The site aims to provide cheaper shopping baskets using 'mainly own brand items. and it wasn't until I took a look at it that I realised that it allows for shoppers to filter for items that are appropriate to individual health needs.

I promise that if I can find something similar with 'known branded items' I will highlight it in another post. Hopefully, this will just be a starting point .. and it is good to have something that we can all refer to when we are trying to avoid items that cause allergic reactions or worse - anything is a plus when all we want is to be healthy.

At least the weather appears to be finally improving for us all! :)


Lyncat, thankyou, useful to have especially for the smaller supermarkets. it does offer a branded goods choice when using the page on a pc..is it different on the phone app?


Hi Jill,

I haven't added the app to my phone as I would want to read and check out the ingredients quite carefully and think it's probably easier at the PC or Ipad. I am just pleased that they have added the ingredients lists rather than just saying that the product is suitable for .. (you know what I'm like! Lol! The more information the better ... what's the old saying? Oh just remembered 'information is power!' And don't we need it?!!! - I'm pleased you like it - it will definitely save a little more time at the supermarket. I often wonder what people are thinking when I'm scrutinising every product that I pick up! Lol! You should see me when the parsnips are back in season!!!! ;) )

All the best, Lynne


If you ever see anyone having a rant at the store manager and taking products off the shelves...it's probably me lol I have real problems with non 'freefrom' stuff on the wrong shelves, GF foods put in with ordinary foods at xmas, out of date stuff...and then I move onto the 'fresh' produce...I worry that I'll be barred from some supermarkets, at the moment they try to appease me with vouchers and free wine( it doesn't stop me lol) so you quietly reading labels.....managers bliss x

That new site is slightly easier to navigate than most supermarkets who seem to think it's fun to hide the info we need and that we'll enjoy the challenge of finding it. The emails I've sent saying that just eating is a challenge at least have the info I need easily available and I don't even want to start on the new labelling laws................Is it time for a glass of wine yet???????


It's good to see, you're keeping everyone on your toes, Jill! Lol!! What is disappointing in our area is that lack of all of these wonderful tasty flours I keep seeing others mention. I don't know why but it sounds so very appealing having chestnut and coconut flour ... I also wish they would look at some of the more unusual flours around the world .. can you imagine what sort of things are available in the Amazon? Not to mention some of the fruits and nuts from the jungle canopy!?? Have you ever watches Ray Mears? He did a wonderful programme on walkabout with two women who were Aborigines and knew all of the traditional foods that they could eat .. one being water lily - his description of which made it sound really tempting. Left me wondering whether it was any water lily! Lol! And on todays news, just in case you missed it, there is talk about the properties of coconut oil - bbc.co.uk/news/health-19435442

So what we need is some kindly toothpaste manufacturer making us some lovely coconut toothpaste - gluten free of course .. keep our teeth healthy .. And pardon me for going completely off the subject - but I think you appear to be someone who is interested in finding out things of benefit too - although heaven's knows when this will be highlighted over here:

The most horrifying news item has come from the US and is all about what fluoride and the affect it is having on IQ ..


Well, time for a bit of R and R .. I have been watching Revenge - don't know whether you have been watching it too .. something different but the only trouble with US shows is they rarely play out all the way until the conclusion - they are usually cancelled once the viewing figures begin to slide: channel4.com/programmes/rev...


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