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Pre new labelling law products?

Hi All,

Bit of a weird one for you. Recently I discovered 2 packs of Juvela white mix in the back on my cupboard dating from early 2011 (the prescried date, not the best before). In the spirit of "waste not, want not", I made a cake using one.

As a bit of background, I have always been tolerant of codex wheat starch, however am completely unable to tolerate any level of barley malt - just to clarify and avoid any could-it-be-the-wheat confusion.

Anyway, tolerant as I am of Juvela white mix, and not wanting to waste it, I made the cake. 2 hours later I ate the cake and within an hour, was glutened! Checked, double checked and triple checked everything. No gluten in sight.

So, my question is - could I somehow have become used to the current 20ppm limit, and this pre-change 200ppm flour have glutened me? My kitchen was spotless, and I use exlusively gluten free equipment, utensils etc, and all were ingredients I've used many times before with no change in ingredients etc.

Could it really be so sensitive as to notice the change in ppm?

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Hi Panda girl, first of all I'm sorry that you've been ill and this makes sense when you think how we used to eat gluten all the time before diagnosis and then the extreme reaction after we have been gluten free.

I believe that wheat starch is below 10ppm whereas when we had the 200ppm limit Juvela told me that their codex wheat starch contained 96ppm.

I read the Australian equivalent of Crossed grain in 2005 and an Australian coeliac had being staying in Italy and they had a meal with an Italian coeliac and the pasta was codex wheat starch and the coeliac had a full on gluten reaction because they do not eat codex wheat over there. So in my opinion the less gluten we eat the less we can tolerate.

And I hope that you feel better soon.


I think you are right. I eat nothing with gluten even codex wheat and even the 20ppm causes a reaction


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