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soya milk intolerance/allergy??

Hi Everyone, as some of you may remember about a month ago i was put on a dairy free diet as my asthma and hayfever had been bad and i was getting some nasty really itchy hive type things, well my question is 1 month in and man do i feel ill, i have constant D or loose movements, they are pale brown/orangey sort of colour, there has been lumps of white fatty bits in it, i have been having dizzy spells, feelings of being really hot and prickly all over D normally follows this feeling., i have had instant feelings of trapped gas like im so full that it might bust my ribs!! this happened today and was particulary bad, i had been into costa and had a tea made with soya milk, within 15 mins i had this really bad reaction, i also get a feeling of pressure in my chest like somebody is poking me with their finger? Plus im still covered in these horrible itchy hive things so it cant be dairy can it, or can it???

Any advice on this i would really appreciate, i have a doctors appt next tuesday?

thanks again



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Certainly sounds like an allergy

Hope you get it sorted out. There are alternatives, rice, almond, coconut, or you could switch to herbal teas.


Hi Mummyof3, Soy is probably one of the worst substitutes to choose if you are susceptible or allergic to gluten. Soy beans are usually grown in fields that are rotated with wheat and barley, etc. This means that they are often heavily cross-contaminated with the very grains that produce gluten. Perhaps you could choose another alternative such as goats milk? This is non-dairy and is often given to infants that have difficulty digesting cows milk. If not, what about almond milk, coconut milk, sheeps milk, rice milk, hemp milk, or cooled boiled water?

Sorry Penel - I have just seen that you have also suggested the same alternatives!


sorry that you dont appear to tolerate soya. It will probably mean avoiding so many of the alternatives to dairy. For cream I have found a good substitute with cashew nuts. chop and soak in water for two hours then blitz with a handblender add some vanilla extract (you will need to judge how much of the soak water you leave in according to how thick you want the cream) . I have also used coconut powder to make up a thick cream. You might also be able to tolerate lactofree products (it will depend on your sensitivity to lactose) so that you can use the semi hard cheese milk or single cream. the intolerance to dairy is sometimes specifically to lactose. If you want to make a thicker cream you can use gelatine and then handblend. Another option you might consider is contacting specific companies like alpro to see if they guarantee being gluten free. Hope you find a solution quickly.


you are all wonderful thank you, i knew you would have some great advice. I have swapped my milk for Kara which i believe is coconut milk (but i could be wrong lol) . I have a doctors appointment on tuesday and i have an appointment with my dietician on November 7th, i wondered whether to ask for an actual allergy test ? will this be able to tell me straight you are allergic to this or have a sensitivity to something? is that how it works?

On another note i had a handful of tooty frooty sweets which i believed to be gluten free according to the ingredients, but when i searched online it states it has wheat gluten in it? this may also explain why i have been feeling pants again!!

Thanks again everyone

PAula xx


Hi there, hope you are on your way to feeling better.

I just wanted to mention that soy is a very common allergy, and for me, it made me sicker than gluten. As well, I have a severe dairy allergy but the allergy is not from dairy 'lactose' but rather the 'casein', so I would not tolerate lactose-free dairy products. I buy "Rice Dream" milk for my coffee and tea and use coconut milk and yogurt for cooking.

Hope this might help you.




Hi Mummyof3, Iam so sorry that you have this awful feeling, soya for me was bad, as bad as Gluten, I feel sick with rice and coconut milk, so now do't have anything, use olive oil for cooking and on salads ect, and take vitamens.

Do hope you will feel better soon. :)


Wow that must be tough, how do you cope with it? X


When my son was taken off dairy products as a trial last year we were told to take him off dairy AND soya at the same time as the allergies were often linked. It does make life more difficult not having soya but it is still manageable.


Thanks all, its currently 4.35am i have been up for the last hour being poorly and feeling so sick, you all know the pattern get back in to bed then need to get straight back up again!! I cannot suss whats caused this, today i have had all safe foods and not had soya either, im actually starting to feel so down about it all, before the trial of dairy free i was feeling better stomach wise , but now i feel like im back to square one??

I had a bood test today it was to check something like. My stomach and how it works i cant think what it was called "simething" panel, my doctor said it has something to do with my b12 aneamia? Anybody know what this is all about?? Thanks again all xx


Well apart from not really having much appetite, i feel a bit better tiday i havent got that awful feeling in my stomach like iv been kicked, thanks again for all of your replies i really appreciate them

Paula xx


Ok, just thought i would update you, went to doctors, took me straight off of soya, she said she thinks i have sensitivites to it and to go back to milk/dairy. She also thinks that my thyuroid is playing up again and this is actually causing hives (which i had no idea it did that, it hasnt ever done that before to me!) so i am awaiting blood test result and have to go back tuesday so lets hope that it can all get sorted then.

Paula x


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