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Reccomendations for an all inclusive holiday abroad??

Hi Peeps,

I'm totally new on here. I'm looking to book a hol abroad and would really love to have a break from cooking. My husband is Coeliacs and my son is wheat intollerant. I usually like to cook for him and our children when we're away but had a very difficult year and feel I need a complete rest. My children are both teenagers and would like to try an all inclusive...Has anyone managed to find an all inclusive hol abroad that caters for Coeliacs?

If so I would love to hear from you

Thank you x

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Get packing!!

Just come back (home last Tuesday morning) from the Hotel Orquidea in Gran Canaria. Went with Thomsons. Report will be on Trip Advisor later.

Its a family plenty for the youngsters. Three huge pools..and yet still enough room to find space for relaxation for you and your husband.

Food wise...biggest range of gluten free stuff I have ever seen...and labels on foods..showing pictorial allergy items. Hotel is international...lots of Italians, Germans, Swedes, Norwegians...and Brits. So everyone who is Coeliac..could know what to have...

Plenty to choose from....even desserts.

Had a great me separately if you need.



Wow!!!! Sound fab :-)

Will definately take a look at this...may come back to you with more ??'s in the very near future

Thank you so much for your feedback

Kind regards Julie xx


Hi there! i'm looking in to this hotel thanks to your suggestion . and i was wondering whether you went all inclusive or half board? we've never been on an all inclusive holiday, always just hlf board and I wondered whether this makes a difference in terms of the service and how accommodating they are? many thanks in advance for your response? Gabi


Strange how things happen...was only speaking to someone about this hotel...yesterday.

Its the Bahia Feliz Hotel Orquidea. Travelled with Thomsons..who know me well.

Its been almost two years since I was there.

For a family was good as there was something for the tinies (lots of water space) to the Grans...(me!!) to sit and relax. Would always take a look at more recent reviews on Trip advisor.

I did ask if TripAdvisor would do a separate string for Gluten frees....there was no call for it...but again..this was more than 2 years ago...and as we all know...the world has changed since then..

Have fun!!!!


Thank you Apricot for your quick response! ;-) what are your views on the other aspect I mentioned - do you think hotels are more accommodating to food intolerances when you are on the all inclusive option or half/full board? thanks again!


I have been in hotels with half board who couldnt have looked after me better if I had been their own Mother....and a certain hotel on Park Lane in London...couldnt have given two hoots.(I wont name...but its one you will know) Which isnt helpful to you.

I am not a big I am also really dont know.

Thankfully the world is changing.

The Rui group...has a Scandinavian I think that helps.


fantastic :-) thank you again for your help ;-) yes. hotels are definitely a mixed bunch!


Hi Jules, the Rui hotel chain are also great for catering for gluten free. The one I went to in Spain, had the chef making the buffet virtually GF. He personally told me what was ok or not, cooked special versions just for me and always had freshly cooked gf bread waiting at my plate. Someone else went to another of their hotels and had the same thing happen. The best thing to do is to email the hotels that take your fancy and tell them your needs. From their response you'll find somewhere great. Have fun


Thank you so much for taking time to answer, Will take a look at the Rui hotel chain :-)

I've never booked a holiday without having to cook all our meals so now getting very excited at the thought of a TOTAL BREAK!!! I would love an all inclusive deal as my teenagers do eat soooo much at times so may save me a little money too!

Thanks again

Kind regards Julie x


Port salou in salou! My dad just came back and said the chef bent over backwards to cook for him :) I'm off to the sun tropical island in lanzerote and got an email saying they will cater for me so heres hoping x


Hi Wendy,

Thank you bet your Dad was well chuffed!! Good luck to you, wishing you a fab hol. Please let me know how you get on x


Lots of places are more than happy to cook gluten free food, we did one in Jamaica some years ago, and have even been on cruises and again more than helpful. Don't let the unknown put you off,enjoy the freedom of not cooking - is great x


Jamaica? Wow!! Would love to go there one day, Husband & son cant do cruises as they both get very sea sick :-( Shame as I would love to!

Will defo not let the GF diet stand in our way as much anymore... I was always more than happy to cook but I now need my hols too.

Thanku Regards Julie x


Maybe a bit far but Disney in Florida were fantastic every outlet including fast food catered for CD (Exception was some countries at Epcot were there was a language barrier) When you let the restaurant staff know you have CD or allergy they will get the supervisor or a chef to come and discuss the menu with you, and most dishes on the menu in restaurants were able to be GF accommodated. We did not stay in a Disney hotel, however from their website they will also cater for special diets. However Universal were noy so Hot! failed at every hurdle so if you want to plan for the future well worth a visit.


Thank you for your reply...We did visit Florida last summer for 2 weeks but stayed in a villa so did the whole cooking & preparing picnics. We did have a fab time- Did 10 park visits in 2 weeks! One of the reasons we managed to fit so much in was because we didn't sit in restaurants, so didn't mind on this hol as wanted to make the most of the parks. This time round I need a relaxing one due lots of bad news since last summer.

We're looking to go back next year so will defo try to eat out alot more, nice to hear from someone who has had good experiences

Regards Julie


You can also download some restaurant cards in different languages which I find invaluable (even have an english one for when I go out here) I give them to the waiter to attach to my order and give to the chef. you get them from Just remember that airports and airlines are not good at feeding us ,so you will want some snacks for there x


Hi, thank you so much for the link. I've had a spanish one for when we we're out in Majorca and did find it very useful. Did get to eat out a few times :-)

We flew with Monarch last year and the GF food was better than the non GF meals :-) :-) First time for everything!! Lol

Regards Julie x


Hi I'd recommend you ask this on our Facebook page: you're likely to get more pointers.



I have just come back from Finland it was our third inclusive winter holiday there and they are brilliant regarding Gluten free.

Its not a cheap package deal aka Spain and you probably not get a good suntan, but they really do seem to understand about Gluten Free food.I think its the Nordic culture about good diet .

So pack your thermals and a sledge its brilliant,and if you have kids they will love it,trust me.

Dont want to name drop but have a look at lapland.

David ( sheffield )


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