A MUST HAVE for travelling abroad!

I have CD along with other intolerances. My son is anaphylactic to peanuts.

Before we went to Greece on holiday, I ordered travel cards from yellowcross.co.uk. They came with an English explanation on one side and Greek translation on the other. They also supply emergency cards that state what the problem is and that you need help etc.

Last Saturday night the unthinkable happened . . . my 9 year old had an anaphylatic reaction! We gave him his Epi-pen and were able to get a taxi to hospital. When we arrived at the Greek A&E department I was simply able to hand over the emergency card, within 30 seconds they completely understood what had happened and we were whisked through for treatment.

I appreciate that with CD we are not at risk of immediate death, but I can't help but think how useful those cards were and can not recommend them enough to anyone who is travelling abroad.

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  • Just for the récord. I am anaphylactic to gluten and carry an epi pen as a result. I have not come across any others with c.d this sensitive would be interested to hear if any of you are

  • Nightmare!

    I did not realise you could be anaphylactic to gluten!

    I love how informative and educational these pages are.

  • I am about to embark on a charity trip in a reliant robin across 18 different countries in the world, and have found these cards too, i suspect they will be invaluable to me. As i have only just been diagnosed, so am still figuring it all out..! (I haven't a clue). Its ok when you're home in the kitchen but when you're in the middle of knowhere, and have no idea what is in the foods on offer, i imagine it can turn into a complete nightmare!

    so i agree, these pages are very informative!

  • I failed to mention in my 1st post that I did not get glutened once while we were away!

    My son's situation we can only guess was through sauce for ice cream. We can only assume the nozzle had touched nuts on top of other puddings on offer and unfortunatly he had used it next - complete accident.

    Good luck with your travels x

  • I have used these type cards for my diabetic son, the ones I got were multi lingual and got them from the diabetes care team. They are REALLY useful So, thanks for the heads up where to get the ones for other problems

    On a different note For those living in Plymouth UK and know where Chaplins is situated, the Market stall type tent in the car park sell frozen -pre-cooked pasties, pies (some veggie) and frozen pastry. the pasties are £2.50 and the pastry less than £3.00 (but cannot remember the price, the memory part of my brain is shot!)

  • Thanks lilac princess for that gem of information :-D I had no idea you could get travel cards. I am also allergic to peanuts and my boyfriend is diabetic so I will CERTAINLY be buying some of these. I have always worried about what I would do if something happened to us abroad. So glad your son was ok in the end. Thank you so much for mentioning this. Xx

  • Great tip - I am going to Cyprus next week so will see if I can get some in time - could save a lot of embarrasment !!

    Thanks for the pointer.

  • @ ianwoowoo - just give Jane a phone 01252 820321.

    I was quite late in ordering ours, she posted them out straight away for us, arrived the next day.

    Have a lovely holiday!

  • There is also a free app from the App Store, if you have any ipod. There are about 25 - 30 different languages to choose from. I happened on them by chance, but nevertheless a useful tool to have!


  • Whats the name of the App please?

  • I think i went to the App store and searched Gluten Free, but, i will check on my Ipod tonight and respond properly then.


  • Looking on my ipod, its just simply called, GF Card. It comes in about 50 languages, and is very simple, uncomplicated and to the point.

    I suspect this is going to be very helpful for me!


  • Thanks

  • celiactravel.com does a huge range of downloadable restaurant cards which are really useful

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