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Worth a watch!

Worth a watch!

There's been some great programmes on TV recently about food and nutrition.

We recommend watching 'The Men who made us fat' on BBC Two. Catch up on iplayer if you've missed them. More info here:

The series covers why obesity levels around the world are rising and the role of advertising and food companies in this trend.

Definitely food for thought next time you're passing the Free From aisle!

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Hi Fiona, I watched it and thought how interesting it was, definitely an eye opener.

I think that if we as coeliac can go back to basic's and make our own food and thus avoid the majority of processed foods then that's the one big advantage of being a coeliac (ie: a healthy diet based on natural foods)

I wondered where you've been as you've been very quiet recently, well quiet on GFG, so it's good to see you posting blogs again.

And I love the picture of the TV, very retro


I've seen the 1st programme on sugar and I totally agree with it. I try not to eat sugar and believe me it's difficult! I was rather surprised that tv critics did not receive it well though - the reviews I read were negative and said it was poorly researched. Was there a programme specifically aimed at wheat and gluten?


Yes I watched the men who made us fat and it was like many of the programmes explaining how and why food is the way it is now and what it's doing to us it was very interesting.

The food industry must be going crazy every time a programme on food is coming out worrying if they are in the line of fire.


another one to watch!

Posted by cath_c 22 hours ago1

thurs night : 21:00–22:00 BBC Four

Guts: The Strange and Mysterious World of the Human Stomach

Michael Mosley swallows a camera to get a unique view of his innards digesting his food.

Having experienced the pill cam myself earlier this year i am Intrigued to see this show.

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FionaGFG GFG 9 hours ago

Good spot Cath! We'll definitely catch this one too. Having had the camera pill too I'm also intrigued as to what the sci-fi view from it will be like ? I'm imagining something like Inner Space ?!


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