Painful hands?

I wonder if anyone can shed some light? My 4 year old daughter is under GOSH, and has been diagnosed with a Gluten allergy, but not coeliac disease at this stage...this is on going. She has recently been complaining (regularly) that her hands hurt...even saying that she cannot grip. I have another appointment at GOSH in a month. Could this be related to her gluten sensitivity? If anyone could shed some light, it would be helpful.

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  • I too have painful hands and cannot grip very well. I just thought it was to do with my autoimmune disease (CSS).....However I very definitely am gluten intolerant so not sure if it is this or the auto.... Who knows?

  • my joints used to hurt a lot and I had no grip - had to squeeze toothpaste by pressing with forearm - no idea what form of gluten sensitivity I have but very extreme. After going gf joints much better, even got canoeing certificate, and spent last few days painting for first time in decades. So, hopefully this will get better for your daughter, but, just based on my experience, could well be associated wit the gluten problem.

  • Can I suggest the Raynauds & Scleroderma Association (also to be found on this website). I found this group through them as the common link is auto-immune disease and I find positive help from both groups.

  • I did not know that there was a Raynauds website here i am interested ,, could you direct me to the link? thanks

  • I've had the gripping problem and fingers locking .I also have Raynaud's ,

    I'm waiting for my results to come back that I have had for coeliac and allergies but all the joint pains in my hands I have all way assumed was Raynaud's.

    I've alway found I can not keep my hands in cold water for too long before they start to hurt and the same with handling meat etc straight from the fridge or freezer they have to be at room temp before I'm able to handle them properly!

    vibrating mobiles I found make them hurt aswell.

  • Thanks so much for all your answers. Its difficult with her being so young and she can only explain things that are happening to her body in a basic way to me. Thought might be related in someway to her allegies as she is starting to say her hands (and more regularly her mouth too now) hurt. Will definitely bring it up at her next appointment. Thanks again.

  • If your daughter is coeliac, or has any autoimmune disease, the sad fact is that she's more likely than others to have/develop another autoimmune disease. I am coeliac and also have arthritis (mildly), which can be worst in my hands. If it is arthritis (there are various types), it may be triggered by changes in humidity, prolonged damp (this hasn't been a great summer for me), no joint movement for hours (so, first thing in the morning/at night) or intense joint activity. Massage and keeping dry and warm help me - gloves when I don't think I need them. Best of luck to you both.

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