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4 year old with CD and 'sore tummy'

My 4 year old son has CD and has been GF for 10 months now. On the odd occasion when we think he ma have been glutened (still a mystery how) he is violently sick for about an hour then very tired.

For just over a week he has been compkaining of a sore tummy off and on. We have upped his fibre intake thinking h may have been constipated and he seems to be 'moving' ok but still compans of sore tummy off and on. It is often when he is due a meal (which is normal for him) but he is saying it more often, I have noticed he says it more often where there is something he doesn't want to eat/do so I am not sure if he is playing on it.

I am fairly sure it is not gluten and it doesn't stop him from running around and playing football etc.

I don't want to miss something but 4 year olds do tend to play on what they know will work. I am interested in hearing your opinions and if you think I need to see the Doc about it.



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When you say he says it more often when he doesn't want to eat/do something, is it possible he gets a little stressed and genuinely gets a 'sore tummy' from the stress? Poor mite, I imagine he has gone through a rather traumatic time at such a young age, wondering whether what he eats is going to make him sick again. Perhaps it's a bad memory that's popping up around mealtimes because that's the time he associates with being poorly? Not sure how that theory pans out for the times when he doesn't want to 'do' something! he could be getting that stress response again, a nervous tummy... or he may be acting out a little ;-)

Perhaps a little chat with him to see if he gives you any clues about anxiety toward eating would be a first step?


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