BBC good food guide! :)

Hi people, just a thought, but obviously people can be unsure of what they can or can't eat, and thought it may be a good idea if we could all sing from the same hymn sheet and use the BBC good food guide to try different adaptions to some recipes and then post them on here. It's a really good site with hundreds of recipes to try out and the format is easy to use and understand. :)


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  • They also have Gluten Free recipies too, just type in Gluten Free.

  • The gluten free recipes are based on savouries and puddings, and don't look to exciting. :)

  • Have been a reader of the BBC Good Food from well before I was Coeliac...and my monthloy challenge...was to make any recipe ..or a complete menu...from the mag...adapted to GF.

    Some where resounding success...and some...(well the birds sometimes liked it...sometimes they didnt!)

    The more you try things..the better it becomes.

    I also have now to freeze at least half of what I the receipes..are for 4 or a family. Not good when there is only me and the cat....

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