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Coeliac and jury service

I have just finished jury service and had worries about it and the best advice that I was given was to take my own food with me.

The worst part of being a juror is when you are in the pool of jurors as they have to have too many and thats boring but its the same for everyone and you can take a book, a paper or your lap top etc. It is frustrating waiting around because you do not know how long it will be before you are on a trial and some jurors wait 3 days before getting selected. But you are all in the same boat and there is a sense of comeradery. It is also interesting when you are juror.

I was shocked at how much pressure some jurors employers put on them to do work and meet deadlines and go into work before and after jury service. It is stressful and you are in the wrong head space for this. You also have adjourments and have to ring the court to see if you have to go in the next day so you can not plan ahead until it is over. The longest day we had was from 10-30am until 4pm. The staff have seen it all before so any problems then just tell one of the staff/ushers as they are very helpful and friendly and will advise you on any issues that you have.

Before it started I saw this:

So I decided to write a blog to reassure other coeliac who are selected.

I have enjoyed the experience but was also pleased that my stint was over and I discovered that there's a cafe near the court house that sells Clives gf pies and was suprised how much gf food was available near by.


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Thanks Jerry - that is very interesting info. Really good idea to have it on the site, so that if anybody gets called for jury service they will be able to find the information. I'd actually love to do jury service, but the only time I've ever been called was just before we moved house to the other end of the country, so I was exempted. Must try some of Clive's pies (assuming they are also dairy and nut free of course)


Thanks Becky,

The cheese and potato is my favorite it has the same flavour/seasoning as a traditional cornish pasty, in my opinion.



Interesting post Jerry. I was on jury service before I discovered I had CD. I remember the waits, the book reading, the horrible dreams about the trial, us all requesting pizza whilst we debated the verdict (no you can't get any it's not like in the films!) and the poor cafe meals. So this is a good post as post CD diagnosis it is tricky and bringing your own food is the best solution. Although I know they were pretty strict about us bringing in personal possessions etc whilst during the trial. I wonder if any other Coeliacs have been called up and called to serve?


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